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My new kind of Love Song

Gaseumi dugeun dugeun georyeoyo
Jakku tteollyeoman wayo

Few months ago, i listed my top 5 drama OSTs sung by the starring actors themselves and the indescribable feels the songs gave me as the lyrics aptly convey the characters’ thoughts and feelings. The list was made in no particular order, but they all need to move over because Sung-jae’s, no, Tae-kwang’s Love Song is here.


As of the day this post is up, i daresay this song trumps them all. My opinion may change later on, but currently it’s my favorite. Does it have anything to do with Gong Tae being the best second male lead in my book? Maybe yes, maybe no.

The songs of this kind, including those on my list, are mainly ballads, some more mellow and sappy than others, probably because it’ll be more heartfelt or romantic that way, but Tae-kwangie broke the mold and sings this chirpy and upbeat number instead. It has a christmas-y vibe, albeit not as strong as That name duetted by Jonghyun and Taemin. While i don’t love the boring title, i very much love the lyrics, Sung-jae’s voice, and of course the feels.

Like the show’s previous releases (i wrote about the first three here), it was love at first listen. Love Song grabbed my attention as soon as the intro rolls in. Two lines later i was sold. By the time it reaches the chorus, i was completely hooked. I could tell that it’s a happy song and couldn’t wait to hear the full cut. Naturally, the lyrics depict Tae-kwang’s fondness for Eun-bi, and they are sooo him: he who only thinks of her when she isn’t in his sight, he whose time goes faster when being with her, he who makes a confession at night…

I dream of you by myself
I look at you by myself
Now it’s not that hard, because you’re here

I’m loving you, if only I can be with you
I think of you, it’s such a good day
Baby for you, I’m dreaming in your arms right now
My person is you

Sometimes, I might let go of your hand because things are hard
But I know, I know
You are everything in my heart
I’m loving you…



His feeling is one-sided all right. But it isn’t unexpressed. By the time the song was first used as a score, he had said “but, still… i like you” and Eun-bi had replied with “i’m sorry”. The moment the song faded out in the background, Eun-bi had restated her position in the equation, to which Tae-kwang had ruefully retorted he’d only keep it up until she’s done feeling sorry for him. So i didn’t think much of it besides how good the melody is.

BUT THEN his confession is unexpectedly answered, by a female voice (Park Hye-soo), as if to represent Eun-bi’s:

I’m loving you, even if I can’t tell you
(You always) The person who was always by my side
(Some day) So I can call out your name
Will you wait for me?

I’m thankful that you’re here

Now, how can anyone NOT perk up at that?


Even without fully comprehending the meaning, one cannot mistake it for anything but a positive response. The words say it all — “eonjenganeun neoui ireumeul bulleojulsu itge / nareul gidaryeojugenni / niga isseoseo gomawo” — something about calling one’s name, waiting, and being thankful for the other’s presence. If Love Song is Tae-kwang’s theme song, then the way it closes shall hint at the endgame… or so i thought.

Toward the end of School 2015‘s finale, i even considered the possibility of the show taking the high road and going with open ending instead, just to be on the middle ground… the answer i got was a resounding no.

Even if i still cannot fathom how they composed and arranged Love Song that way and not having TaeBi as the endgame, partly when last-minute turnaround is not unheard of (case in point: Dream High), it still doesn’t make me love the song any less. It’s a nice song after all.

Which leaves such a sweet aftertaste that i could see the drama off in a better light 😇😇😇

romanization: colorcodedlyrics
translation: pop!gasa



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