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[Movie] Minions: the backstory


“Doesn’t it feel so good to be baaad~?”

If you’re equally excited and skeptical about Minions movie because 1) you loved Despicable Me to bits but 2) didn’t feel the same about its sequel and thus 3) wary that this prequel is made just to milk the fame of these wacky yet meany yellow creatures while they’re still universally adored and relevant — as though because the three clips of Minion Madness weren’t enough to sate the frenzy — then we’re on the same boat.

But the next thing we know we’re in the queue to buy ticket(s) to the show… the day it premieres… against our better judgment.

Thing is, this is no Despicable Me 3, this is all about Minions. How can i say no? See, i’m easy like that. Still, that doesn’t negate my reservations, even if i have been wondering what they are and where they came from (i don’t think they are Dr. Nefario’s brainchild, are they?) and this spin-off shall put an end to that mystery.

minions_00001 minions_00011

Turns out, Minions chronicles their history, which begins when they were as small as a single cute-looking cell until the point they cross path with their current master, Gru. All this time, they’ve been consistently serving the biggest baddest villain — “boss” in their lingo — they can find, from the time dinosaurs still roamed the earth to the era where men take control, set 48 years B.G. (before Gru). Also covered in the movie are little details like when they started become obsessed with banana or decided to go with those blue denim overalls as their signature uniform.

Their hundred-million-years existence also explains why their gibberish is a combination of many languages yet remains largely undecipherable. Despite only picking up a word or two, i am invariably fascinated by their rapid-fire mumbo jumbo. They easily jump from one master to another and are constantly in search of a new one not because they aren’t loyal or outlive the previous ones but because they’re so accident-prone that their masters were fatally harmed in the process. The sequences are laugh-inducing but quite tragic if you view it from another perspective =x


Despite the blunder upon blunder made, they readily moves on because being master-less expends their will to live. One tall minion Kevin takes the lead and goes out of their comfort zone to find the mob a new despicable master to serve, accompanied by ukulele-wielding one-eyed Stuart and overenthused heterochromatic Bob due to lack of other volunteers, haha. The three light up upon hearing about super villain Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock) and set off to Orlando to be her new recruits. Soon, they’re handed a mission to steal Queen Elizabeth II’s crown. More hilarious antics ensue.

The mission isn’t ambitious as say, Gru’s moon-heisting project, and is quickly completed thanks to the minions’ bumbling acts and sheer luck. Here, i realize that while they may be petty and vain but not bratty or malevolent as the franchise led us to believe. In fact, they cherish one another and are solid. Admittedly, the plot is rather simple and unexceptional but its humor is right up my alley that i found myself grinning and laughing throughout the runtime (a rare case i must add).


Too bad there is no standout song or memorable bits from this movie; i certainly would love it if it’s more than just fluff, but then it’s minions we’re talking about. Just go with the funny. Don’t overthink it and you’ll find it immensely amusing and enjoyable. Coming in with low expectations and lots of doubts arguably helps since it easily surpasses the bar. Plus, understood and loved across generations without proper subtitles, minions arguably can be the stars of their own show, after being scene-stealer in previous installments.

Another advice if you have yet to watch it but eager to: don’t go beyond the first trailer. The rest may just spoil the fun. You cannot laugh at the same jokes over and over again, can you? Downside of not checking many promotional materials of the movie besides the trailer, i didn’t know it focuses on only three of them — i love them greater in big numbers.

Lastly: are minions immortal though? If not, how long is their life span? Because nothing seems to injure them, even when blasted with nuclear weapon…

minions_00009 minions_00010

Rating: 3.5/5
Director: Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda
Production: Illumination Entertainment, 2015
Cast: Pierre Coffin (Minions), Sandra Bullock (Scarlet Overkill), Jon Hamm (Herb Overkill), Jennifer Saunders (Queen Elizabeth II), Geoffrey Rush (Narrator)
Genre: Comedy, Animation, CGI

~ stills captured from its official trailers ~



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