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Yokoso, Wagaya e: on episode 7~8


Finally, Nameless-san is identified and detained, yet the assault continues.
Another Nameless-san is cornered and apprehended, but the family is still targeted.

Geez, how many Nameless-san are there?? And we have yet to get to that person hiding under the knitted hat. Don’t tell me every suspicious person in the drama ends up partaking in harassing Kurata family one way or another… If yes, well, that’s seriously messed up. What did they do to deserve all of this? Being kind-hearted, well-meaning people doesn’t mean they can completely avoid treading on somebody else’s toes, however unintentionally, it seems?

ywe_0700009 ywe_0700010

So, Kenta was stabbed by hooded Nameless-san. Luckily, the knife didn’t hit any vital organ and he is quickly on the path of recovery. While i didn’t expect him to rebound this fast — i somehow wanted the incident to hold more significance and weight because in hindsight, it’s nothing more but a plot device to get the culprit nabbed — getting one Nameless-san down is a silver lining indeed, particularly since this person is really active and aggressive in her attacks.

Yup, it’s done by Marie. Surprise surprise? No, right? That said, i’m amazed at how observant and analytical other viewers can be that their predictions are awfully accurate to the point of being spoilery which takes away the shock factor when the twist/big reveal turns out as speculated. Sometimes, it is just too obvious or too neat that we can see that it’s a trap, like when a person is being too nice, but unlike Tamiko-san (Mom’s super nice pottery coursemate), Marie doesn’t give off an odd vibe and seems genuine. That makes her backstabbing a harsher blow to Nana — is what can be inferred albeit not shown on-screen.

The reason is as shallow as it can get: petty jealousy out of unrequited love. She likes Tsujimoto, who rejected her fair and square and later hit it off with Nana. Her blackmail caused the two to split — SO why harass Nana just now when they split half a year ago and she took her phone and wiretapped the house ever since they’re still dating? And why the need to go as far as stabbing her — just because Tsujimoto ‘stalks’ her? I got this bit correctly though: he watched over Nana as a way to protect her.

Alas, the show doesn’t spend much time on her case or her sentence (besides brief snippets that her story and list of creepy acts made the news, whose article is conveniently read by knitted-hat man — nononono, don’t give him fresh ideas! I can totally see the wheel’s turning in his head!) as it wastes no time to move onto the next one. Marie only poses as Nameless-san after hearing about it from Nana, and of course she didn’t commit all terror, compiled in detailed chronological order by Asuka — she should jump ship to become detective instead of journalist; she’s got potential 😉


But before Asuka and Kenta can start digging in at other possibilities, Mom becomes the prime suspect of housebreaking and larceny. Incriminating evidence found at crime scene: the brooch Hato-sensei gave her and a trash bottle bearing her fingerprints. Yikes! Thing is, she has just returned the brooch to the giver and dropped the empty bottle to the nearest bin right after that. Hato-sensei clearly is the shady one but the police/detective is more fixated on hard proof and thus tries to force-summon Mom into questioning. Asuka again steps in and points out that Mom needs not comply since they don’t come with an arrest warrant before addressing the obvious: the case is all too neat that it’s highly likely done to frame Mom. See? She even has more legal knowledge and keener deduction ability than the officers themselves!

The detectives are so ineffectual and provide little help to solve the cases that Kenta continues to snoop around and investigate by himself. With Asuka’s aid, of course, since she’s proven herself to be more than a capable, brainy sidekick (who in fact has saved the day for the nth time now; without her, i bet the family would’ve been pushed around mercilessly). That the crook broke into the house when the occupants were away suggests that (s)he too monitors the situation through wiretap. Out the bug detector (glad that it’s more than a single-use-only investment, lol) and bingo, a bug is placed inside the table clock, which was a gift from who else? Yep, Hato-sensei.


The pair immediately confronts and traps him before the police takes over the rest of the work. Like Marie, he isn’t remorseful and readily admits to framing Mom out of spite of being rejected and to some of Nameless-san’s acts. A few more ticks fill the form but it’s odd to think that knitted-hat man did the rest. For example, the one who sent a picture of Mom and Hato-sensei having a meal together. The other person who knew about the ‘date’ was Tamiko. She also mentioned her husband’s strained back as the reason she suddenly couldn’t go on that trip with the two but a visit to her abode reveals woman’s only laundry. Hmm…

A more disturbing discovery is that the stolen jewelry box is found on her lawn. Gasp! Is she an accomplice? Kenta rings Mom to get her number but she’s sitting right there in the dining room. Cue: eerie music. Oh crap! He warns her to get out immediately as she may be the culprit and thus a dangerous person, at which Mom is all flippant about… until two-faced Tamiko whackes her head from behind. *heart stops*

Upon hearing a thud on the other end of the line, Kenta frantically hops onto his bike and pedals with all of his might, trying to make it home before something worse happens. But Tamiko has started to pour flammable liquid all over the room and ignites her lighter. Ohgodohgodohgod, bike faster Kentaaa~!!

ywe_0800008 ywe_0800010

The thrill was no joke i was engulfed in goosebumps throughout this scene. It is hands down the drama’s most chilling cliffhanger. It escalates quickly and was craftedly played and edited. While i wasn’t worried sick when Kenta was stabbed (i knew he’d be fine), i am for Mom mainly due to 1) the nature and severity of this attack, and 2) Kenta’s narration in the beginning of the episode that he was sorry he couldn’t protect the family’s mood maker.

I’m always uneasy whenever he starts narrating future events in that monotonously despondent tone AND in past tense. Because then it’s no longer what he fears would happen, or a premonition of any sort, but his comment, in hindsight, of what had happened that he couldn’t have prevented from transpiring. I don’t what it is, yet i couldn’t sit back and fully enjoy the rest of the minutes (happy family moments included) because i kept thinking of what awaits around the corner…and STILL agape at the development. The previews do not help either.

Also, by this point, out of the four (or five if we count Asuka too), only Dad has no Nameless-san yet even though he is the likeliest to have an enemy since the beginning, particularly as the enmity between him and Mase Buchou comes to a head. It isn’t that Dad feels any animosity toward him, but the latter’s sales receipts are mostly shady that Dad’s itching to set straight. The latest controversy is regarding the company Smug Mase is partnering with. Besides having poor credit history and being on the brink of bankruptcy, the office is nothing but a deserted building. He either has a hand in this or is fooled too; either way, this shall be the deal breaker, provided that Dad does come out victorious.

He will, won’t he?




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