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Yokoso, Wagaya e: on episode 3~6


How people are willing to go out of their way to hurt others, especially over trivial matters… is seriously disconcerting.

Up to episode 6, we and the Kuratas have yet to identify who the Nameless-san is, or whether the recent disturbance is orchestrated by one or more than one person, but the harassment is getting uglier and bloodier. Man, i’m itching to know who the perpetrator and what the motive is because what happened at the end of episode 6 was no longer a stalkerish behavior, but a downright criminal offense. I’d love it if the real breakthrough comes sooner (i.e. the next one~two episodes) than later (i.e. the penultimate/final episode) because, well, it can’t get any worse, can it?

Besides the who, i really look forward to the why. Every Kurata member is so well-meaning and conflict-averse that they are the last persons who will ever step on others’ toes. For them to be the target of anonymous yet relentless blackmails, or even for anyone to bear a grudge against them, is puzzling; therefore, i’ll be anticipating an unexpected spur behind the attacks and not something as petty as following Kenta home because he chided a man for queue-jumping or pushing Asuka down the stairs just because she asked the bicycler to apologize for the hit-and-about-to-run he committed. If it’s really due to yet another trivial issue, however, that won’t be entirely surprising. Nowadays, people do take offence at the littlest things anyway.

That said, it’s disheartening to see others that easily pricked or sprung into action for all the wrong reasons. Society has become so f*cked up that i no longer know how to make sense of the world. The events that made the news have become more and more depressing that these lines from Oh Goo-tak of Bad Guys come to mind a lot: “When we were young, the world wasn’t such a scary place. Is it a corrupt and immoral society that drives people mad, or has society gone mad because of the sick things crazy people do?” But i digress.

ywe_0300001 ywe_0600001

From where i left off, there hasn’t been much development in terms of identifying Nameless-san, situations at work, or character development in general. Even though multiple CCTVs are installed around the house, they barely captured the culprit. Not only is Nameless-san elusive but (s)he also works around the security camera, breaks into the house, and leaves “I have visited” message on Gus’ (the cat) collar. Turns out, (s)he can freely do so because (s)he gets inside information from the TWO bugs planted inside the house. Yikes!

My guts tell me Nameless-san must’ve easy access and plenty of time to plant the devices, and those whom we’ve seen roaming the precinct are Mom’s pottery coursemates and Nana’s friend Marie (Adachi Rika). There’s this one particular housewife that acts so suspiciously by indiscreetly pushing Mom to Hato-sensei (he’ll be pleased if you wear the brooch to class; let’s go on a trip together) when she knows Mom is happily married with two grown-up kids. Plus, Mom doesn’t need her help to be in his good books, Mom’s already his favorite. Marie is pretty harmless thus far (although Nana confides at-home situations and Tsujimoto-kun to her a lot) but since she’s the only other outsider who’s been inside the house and Nana’s been blackmailed intensely in recent episodes, she may be a suspect too.

At this rate, it’s hard to trust anyone, even Gus which is often ominously shot. On a super random note: i still find it cute that Gus is included in the credits list XD

ywe_0400005 ywe_0400004

At work, Dad and his subordinate Nishizawa-san/Silvia-chan (Yamaguchi Sayaka) continue to be at odds with Mase-san, who’s revealed to smoke “HOPE” cigarette. Thwarted thrice in a row, it was darn gratifying to see Dad one-ups him. It wasn’t necessarily an upper hand, but he can no longer pull strings on her, so that’s also a win. The ultimate goal, however, is to win the battle and out his peculation though he’s no easy opponent — his schemes are neatly planned and strongly backed-up, the quest is thus to spot the weak link.

Nameless-san doesn’t seem to interfere with Dad’s work the way (s)he did to Kenta and Nana yet i hope Dad could be more thorough and cover more ground whenever he plots to openly question Mase-san because his ‘carelessness’ could cost him his job. Kenta lost a project and Nana faltered in her final round of interview due to Nameless-san’s blackmails, i don’t want Dad to fall victim to similar shenanigans.


But most pressing situation first: episode 6’s cliffhanger!! Kenta has been taking the matters into his own hand and devises a plan to ambush Nameless-san. So far he’s confronted two candidates, Hato-sensei and Tsujimoto, none of which admits to terrorize the family. The latter, however, ominously warns him to protect Nana properly. He does — he’s a brother after all — and we know how it ends.

At this point, all evidence points to Tsujimoto. Several brief shots show him to be under the hood and stand vigil across Kurata’s home. He eyes Nana with enigmatic expressions. He seethes after Kenta tracks him home and the camera zooms to this knife on the counter. Yet, when it’s played out that way, i tend to believe the otherwise — that he’s more likely to be innocent. What? It’s not entirely impossible that he stalks her to ensure her safety and well-being. Especially after the niggling fact that it was he who called it quit, out of the blue, even though they were all lovey-dovey before.

Back to Kenta: hang in there, Onii-chan! Nothing bad will happen to him, right??




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