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Who Are You–School 2015: on episode 7~8

I’ve said it before, that the plot moves forward really fast, yet i’m still pleasantly surprised at the rate it’s going. More people are in the know of Eun-bi’s secret, one person at a time, and they’re all key figures in the story, which only makes it more riveting and intriguing. The last high school drama that did things to me was Dream High, but there i was more drawn into its rivalry, camaraderie, and struggles-to-reach-their-dreams bits and thus wasn’t this torn between the crushes, although its puppy love was cute too.

But here? Ohmigosh. I am so ambivalent. If episode 5~6 was Tae-kwang’s week to shine, it is Yi-an’s turn this week. Because you gotta be fair with the two, even if where Eun-bi’s affection is directed toward, or whom she may end up with (those symbolisms!), is pretty obvious at this point. Not that it can’t go the other direction… just sayin’ xp


Hitting the halfway point mark, School 2015 cuts with cliffhangers of the fourth and possibly the most important person discovering Eun-bi’s real identity and an onset of a fierce love triangle fraught with jealousy and possessiveness. I read that romance wasn’t the main part of previous School installments (which i can’t vouch for since i only checked the first 2~3 episodes of School 2013 some time last year and has yet to resume watching) so people are wondering if the 2015 version will bow out couple-less as well. That seems unlikely, given the intensity of the tug-of-war at the moment, but either way will be fine i guess(?) ‘cuz school life isn’t all about p(r)etty crushes… as long as they don’t fall back into vicious bullying.

That’s the second part of the cliffhanger. Let’s broach the first. Of course Mom will be first even though she arguably suffers the biggest blow from it (will the awkward gap between she and Eun-bi ever go away?). That So-young comes next is also expected; it will be really strange if she doesn’t recognize her. Then Tae-kwang is in the loop too partly by chance and partly because he is surprisingly alert, which i was excited about since we know where his loyalty lies. BUT when it’s Yi-an’s turn to know, i was all aaaackkk.


With Tae-kwang, we saw it coming as we could see the wheel turning in his head, but with Yi-an it was BAM! One tongue slip is all he needs to connect the dots. Suddenly all of Eun-bi’s enigmatic remarks and questions make sense. Also Eun-byul’s who once brought up a topic about her being twins. All inklings are sealed by a smoking gun delivered by none other than So-young. He would be confused, he said then–now he is, for real. He is still in denial, that this girl he admitted to liking more than the old Eun-byul turns out to be someone else. Unlike Tae-kwang, he won’t easily welcome her posing as Eun-byul — AHHH! He may demand to know why Eun-bi is doing so and where Eun-byul is, which will lead him to the bad news! How will he handle that when her disappearance already rendered him beyond nonfunctional?

The things Tae-kwang is curious about but won’t pursue further (since Eun-byul considered merely talking to him was a waste of time) are pivotal to Yi-an’s mental stability. It’s regarding the girl he’s been nursing a crush on for 10 years after all. Therefore, i don’t expect him to go easy on Eun-bi or shift his admiration for Eun-byul to her that easily, but i also don’t want that to happen… I think he is her biggest hurdle to overcome in terms of the weight of her lies. That said, the drama is just halfway through, bigger graver conflicts shall wait in ambush.

ways2015_0800003 ways2015_0700013

Since the possible love line(s) takes up a lot of screen time this week, we get little development regarding Eun-byul’s disappearance and Soo-in’s death. Based on what’s shown in last few seconds of episode 6’s credit roll, i thought we’ll have more insights on how Eun-byul located Eun-bi before she jumped off the bridge and what facilitated the switch and was surprised to get none of that — was that not a preview after all? However, we do come to know who inflicted the neck wound as well as the one who approached her in the dark toilet, but not what caused her to scream in horror. Talking about the terror, while Eun-bi still receives the creepy texts, she’s never stalked or disturbed the way Eun-byul was. Isn’t that strange?

Until now i still have qualms about this whole adopted identity thing for the same reasons i’ve jotted down in previous entries. Even if Tae-kwang has offered his help and Eun-bi has stepped up her game, it’s only right to tell the truth and be accepted for who she is or transfer out and start anew as per Mom’s suggestion (the best one thus far). She needs to face her own demons and bring closure to “Eun-bi” if she really intends to throw that identity away because now it feels like she’s running away from her past. As much as i enjoy seeing her taunt So-young, i fear she may not be able to get away with it completely.

ways2015_0700003 ways2015_0700004

There isn’t much to gush about Tae-kwang this week since he somewhat disappears into the background. Aside from the opening minutes of episode 7 where he prods Eun-bi to toughen up and be more Eun-byul-like, he barely has no shinning moments. He shows up at random times to provoke Yi-an or try to get Eun-bi to come to him, and i feel extremely bad for him every time he “really wants to be alone” without Eun-bi next to him. She may need his support, but he clearly needs her presence more.

All in all, it is still a great week. It’s rare for me to watch and pay attention to every second of a show minus the urge to skip or fast-forward a scene, but i’ve been sitting down nicely throughout each hour and then some. The part i almost couldn’t stand is the moms’ ever-so-brief cafe gathering because i don’t think it adds anything significant to the plot and just comes off as conceited and pretentious. Poor Min-joon though. He’s so pressured to always be on top that he presumably resorts to crafty methods to keep his place and please his mom. Reaching No 1 is the easy bit, staying there is the hard part anyway.

[Aww, it’s not the endgame yet, don’t pull that defeated wistful look!]



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