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Who Are You–School 2015: on episode 5~6

Ugh. Vixen gonna be a vixen, huh? So-young’s reappearance in Eun-bi’s life is like adding fuel to the fire. She hasn’t fully adjusted to the newfound life yet, now that she takes up Eun-byul’s persona and is confronted with the mystery of Jung Soo-in and Eun-byul’s blackmailer, and having So-young back in her circle further shakes her ground. Daunting stuff aside, we get plenty slice-of-life materials as well as cutely addictive love triangle (the petty rivalry!) that’s starting to take form.


The central focus of the week is naturally on Eun-bi and So-young (Jo Soo-hyang). The tension between them wasn’t resolved with Eun-bi’s expulsion and later suicide attempt, and the bad blood is transfused all the way from Tongyeong to Seoul, which gets thicker by each fiery stare-down. Her transfer was directly related to Eun-byul’s death — which was mistaken for Eun-bi — that she isn’t going to let her nemesis off the hook. She looks at Eun-bi as if she’s a ghost and isn’t buying that she’s the other twin, especially after she learns that Eun-byul has amnesia post school trip to Tongyeong recently and acts like a completely different person, replete with changing handwriting.

But of course she needs to prove her hunch first. The handwriting is a dead giveaway, but i don’t think she cares to know her target that far. What’s more readily apparent is Eun-bi’s demeanor, diction, and attitude toward her, because while she goes by Eun-byul’s name, she isn’t trying to change herself to be someone she isn’t, and she is still rattled by her advances though thankfully she has grown a spine. She should; she isn’t alone now. She has a mom, two gals, a star swimmer, and a petulant brat who will stand by her side. Especially that blondie who silently watches over her and readily steps in and literally shields her from whatever malicious intent So-young’s trying to get at.

If So-young has a conscience, she would take her transfer as her share for abusing and driving Eun-bi over the edge (which is of unequal weight but a punishment nonetheless) and use it as a chance to turn over a new leaf like Young-eun did in previous episodes, but no, she isn’t having it. ‘Cuz, where’s the fun in that? She feels victimized (unrightfully so) and claims that she’s smarting from the ordeal too (snerk). So, going after Eun-bi again and threatening to out her secret appeases her when she has her own untold scandal?

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Transferring after the ‘friend’ she played around with committed suicide vs. Assuming a dead twin’s identity — which story will gain more sympathy and support? Why do i get a feeling that the answer may not be the conventional one? So-young can claim that she’s starting anew and i am more worried about Song-joo (Kim Hee-jung), Shi-jin (Lee Cho-hee), and Yi-an’s reaction upon learning the truth that Eun-bi fools them…

Potential fallout aside, we are slowly inching toward seeing the big picture of what happened to Soo-in. Everything is given in puzzle pieces form right now that will all fit together in the end, but can’t we be in the know sooner than later? So far, the hints are: she died a year ago and Eun-byul and Teacher Kim (Lee Pil-mo) seemed to be somewhat responsible (Question: if she was, why Soo-in’s mom still greeted Eun-bi warmly the other day?); the blackmail began soon after, which she accepted and told no one, believing she deserved it; Teacher Kim is equally haunted by it since the case was either covered up or handled too lightly following Director Gong’s instruction (who is Tae-kwang’s dad, for the record).

Is this set up to the central mystery of the show? I don’t mind; i just hope it pays off, BUT won’t anyone dig deeper into Eun-byul’s case?? She dived and swam to Eun-bi’s rescue but ended up dying — shouldn’t they look more into that bit?

ways2015_0500001 ways2015_0500004

But then we get the budding love triangle that deftly distracts our attention from those burning questions. How can we not when both lads are darn [insert-dreamy-adjective-here]? I don’t think love triangle is the correct term for the situation since the boys inherently are attracted to two different girls — Yi-an to Eun-byul, Tae-kwang to Eun-bi. Lucky girl(s). If Yi-an is Prince Charming, Tae-kwang is the White Knight. Yi-an continues to flutter hearts by being cutely dashing, while Tae-kwang consistently wins hearts by being cool yet observant and sensible. Both are winsome in their own right, but i feel that Tae-kwang is a better fit for Eun-bi, context-wise.

He is there when she needs him (or anyone) the most, and she is possibly the first friend he ever has as well as the first person who not only gets through to him but also completely understands him in and out, largely because she’s been there done that herself. That insight accurately hits the bull’s eye which totally makes him more smitten and even more protective of her. They need each other and can effortlessly be each other’s support. Plus, he is also bumblingly adorable, like his reaction to Eun-bi’s tears below:

ways2015_0600012 ways2015_0600013

Their relationship which is based on mutual understanding is developing fast while Eun-bi-Yi-an’s goes in circles. Furthermore, he is giving Eun-bi cold shoulder just because she admits having things to hide from him which she can’t or won’t share. Sorry Team Yi-an, but Tae-kwang obviously earns more points in considerate and nonjudging departments.

The closing bus scene in episode 6, for example. I knew what he wanted to say but still aww-ed at his question of choice. He doesn’t ask the expected like whether or not she lies or why she does it but believes the best in her, that she has her own reasons, and thus opts for the more important yet touching question — if he can be the one person who calls her by her real name. It’s not about him knowing about her true identity but about him accepting her regardless of who she is. And she can just be herself in front of him — no lies, no pretense, no questions asked.

Episode 5~6 certainly leans toward this pairing though i am sure Yi-an will be back to rock the boat. Man, i really can’t choose. Now i wish Eun-byul were alive somehow so none of the boys ends up brokenhearted… Is that too much to ask?




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