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Another Handle

Because one is never enough.

Not sure if this is worthy enough to warrant its own post, but after contemplating for the longest time, i’m finally on Twitter! I know i’m sooo late into the game that you may think “what, is this (the) news?” Yet this is a pretty big decision to make since i used to swear believe i won’t need or open an account there — well, our needs change over time, don’t they?

Thing is, i’m bad at managing multiple platforms (that’s why i host all of my writings here) i wish not to create and then neglect another site. I mean, even my private social media accounts aren’t updated as regularly as my contacts’ are. But then there are thoughts and remarks that i can’t really post there due to conflicting interest, relevancy, and other issues; i figure i need a separate outlet for those moments and Twitter seems to be a good option. To feed my fangirl needs.

The prolonged pondering, however, wasn’t on whether or not to open one but on which handle to use (cue: facepalm). My usual ones are all taken and i find it hard to choose and commit to a name that shall represent me, even if it’s ‘just’ for an online community. Before i knew it, it’s been months since and i guess if i don’t pick up something and sign up now, i’ll keep postponing forever. So i settled on mekuhibiu.

It’s only a few days old so there isn’t much there yet — i haven’t even followed anyone! (lol) — as i’m still in the phase of familiarizing myself with how it works, the jargon, etc. So far, i find the 140-character limit somewhat daunting as i might exceed it every time but then i think my comments are mainly one-liners, so i should be fine? Also, i don’t think i ever leave my private accounts publicly-accessible… well, let’s see how it plays out…

That’s that.

Long story short: you can find me @mekuhibiu if we share similar interests, if you’d like to have a random confab with me or simply stalk my spasmodic unabashed squees on dramaverse and musicverse on top of other erratic topics. If not, it’s cool too =) Till then!



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