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3 Earworm OSTs from School 2015 (so far)

Korean drama OSTs may be formulaic and many are schmaltzy yet i find them easier to like than the glossy, overproduced K-pop songs churned out by countless girl/boy groups. I like those as well, don’t get me wrong, but the soundtracks’ uncomplicated compositions and stirring melodies — even if the lyrics are platitudinous at times — can grow on me in no time. Probably due to the number of times they’re inserted into the episodes although the notable ones shall stand the test of time and be worthy of repeated listens on its own, in its own right.

While i can be head over heels in love with a song without apprehending a single word the artist is singing (it’s not hard to get in the mood since music knows no language barrier after all), it can only deeply affect and speak to me once i learn the meaning. And discovering that the lyrics are as beautiful as the song doubles my attachment to it.

This is what i feel about School 2015 OST. Three songs have been released thus far; all are great and suit the tone of the show really well. The drama plot can go from far-fetched to whimsical, but the lyrics of these songs hit mightily close to home. They revolve around lonely and heavy-hearted someone grasping for hope, a helping hand, and a comforting hug. I believe this is a situation everyone who’s ever feeling down, lost, or left out could relate to. So, while high school drama may not be your cup of tea, you may still end up enjoying the songs.

Reset by Tiger JK feat. Jinshil of Mad Soul Child is an intense, impassioned rap-rock number that strangely sounds way more dramatic when used as insert song than as a full track. The rap parts are barked out angrily despite the pained lines; they’re badass but also have a nice flow and melodic line. The chorus is of course what gets to me, the sorrowful delivery and yearning for a reset. Alas, life isn’t a game (that can easily be reset once things start getting out of hand).

There’s an empty world deep in my heart, save me
I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset
Lonely eyes trapped in darkness
Is there anyone to hold my hand?
I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset

It’s just a passing wind
I try shouting at the person next to me
But only silence is looking at me
I am walking too but why are they getting farther apart?
Why am I standing here alone?
Why is only my world stopping?
I see them fading away farther and farther
I don’t care if it’s just one person, please look back, please hold my hand
I don’t care if it’s just one time, please hold my hand
Someone please stop for a moment

I’m left alone like this, loneliness
Please hold my hand right now
I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset
The truth is hidden by scars
I wanna go back to the happy place
I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset

This is only half the lyrics — the full version is naturally lengthy due to rapid-fire rapping.

Fly with the wind from Baechigi feat. Punch offers similar style — tuneful chorus amidst all rap lines — albeit mellower. The words are as bleak as Reset‘s although those in the chorus show glints of solace. Above all, i really love the whistles which are so mellifluous that the section is often used in Eun-bi-Yi-an’s sweet bonding moments.

The tempo drops a notch again in I’ll listen to what you have to say. I initially thought Yoon Mi-rae teams up with Tiger JK again for Reset, since it’s somewhat expected(?), but then she comes up with this stirring semi-ballad. You can feel how much she pours her heart into the song, which she delivers in a soothing croon. I also appreciate how she reaches the high notes in falsetto — that makes the entire track really comforting to listen to.

For you, who is sad and crying
For you, who is struggling
I’ll sing this song for you with all my heart
When you think you’re alone, when you suddenly start to cry
When you feel like no one is next to you

On a sleepless night, when you’re in your lonely and empty room
When there’s no one to listen to you
When hardships come to you like falling rain
And drenches you without being able to avoid it

Remember that you’re not alone
Even if the world always hurts you

Even when you feel lonely or sad, don’t cry
I’ll wordlessly hug you, I’ll listen to you
Look back, I’ll be here
I’ll wipe away all your tears
Even all your loneliness

Am i the only one ends up with red-rimmed eyes? 😂

lyrics translation: pop!gasa



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