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Nic & Mar: episode 2~3

I nearly forgot about this week’s editions of Nic & Mar! I was like here comes another weekend, did i miss something? Then i realized that i relied on LINE to notify me when new videos are ready for viewing like it did for the series’ teaser and first episode. It didn’t. So i finally decided to subscribe to its channel, to make life easier. This post is written fully in English, for a change, because i feel like it? XD

Following up on their initial meet-up in the opening episode, we watch Nic (Nicholas Saputra) and Mar (Mariana Renata) hop from bakery to cafe, from one ride to another, or stroll around the city (showing us how beautiful Paris is and totally making us wanna go there too). The confabs between them remain light and very surface-y although Mar eventually alludes to — nonchalantly at that — their past relationship status. We still know nothing about when or why they broke up, but the past is never as important as the present, yes? Let’s talk about now!


Episode 2: “Close your eyes”

“Mimpi waktu kecil sama kenyataan pas udah dewasa itu kayak ada bedanya. It is like you realize and you have to adjust your dreams to reality or something.”

Mar asks Nic about his fondness of traveling alone, if it is as fun as the time they traveled together. Then Nic asks about her living and working in New York, which is like a dream came true to her. She says it is awesome, but points out the gap between the dream you had when you were little and the reality you face when you are adult and all the adjustments you need to make accordingly.

Then they proceed to have a cup of tea in that fancy cafe (the details of which can be found at the end of the video. Advertisement~). They have this random conversation: she mentions her mom telling her to sip tea with her eyes closed and think good thoughts, and things will get better (really?), at which he quotes Andy Warhol’s “People should fall in love with their eyes closed.” I don’t get the connection, but let’s move along~

They arrive at the Ferris Wheel. Nic refuses to ride it (“It is too touristy.”) and Mar reminds him that he was the one who said he enjoys looking at city skylines while on one. He flatly denies it but they hop into a capsule anyway. This time it is Mar who narrates as they are motioned to get closer for a photo:

“Aku… kamu… kita. Seperti ga ada yang berubah. Seperti jarak itu ga pernah ada.”
(I… you… we. As if nothing ever changes. As if that distance [between us] never existed.)

Episode 3: “Paris vs. Praha”

Nic strolls around the city by himself and stops by Notre-Dame Cathedral as Mar comes to a dress fitting session (real-life Mariana Renata is a model). He buzzes her to meet up after she finishes work and this female staff(?) makes a super random comment: “Sometimes a man doesn’t realize how special the woman beside him is.” Seriously, LINE? I just lauded how natural the convos were and then you throw these cheesy groundless remarks?

On Nic’s last day in Paris (he heads for Praha next), Mar walks him through Montmartre (cmiiw). To close the super short episode, we get another voiceover from Nic:

“Kamu, Mar, memberi warna untuk hari ini. Tiba-tiba aku ingin esok jadi hari yang jauh. Aku ingin hari diam di sini. Aku ingin… setiap hari berlalu seperti ini.”
(Mar, you give color to today. Suddenly, i want tomorrow to be far away. I want the day to stop here. I want every day to pass this way.)

Okay, we get it. You two still have feelings for each other and may want to start anew, but to do that you need to speak those thoughts out! And i am saying this loving the inner monologues and the way they are worded. But people are not mind-readers, at least i don’t think Nic and Mar are. So, stop making those small talks and begin talking about “us” before tomorrow comes. Nic is leaving for Praha the following day, and unless he extends his stay or Mar tails him (use work as an excuse! Like you suddenly got a modelling job there or something), they are going to part ways again. The chat app will make (long distance) communication easier, but we would rather see them face to face and side by side than them stare-smiling at their phone screens, right?

That said, these two look so comfortable around each other. There isn’t any awkward air of being ex-lovers, suggesting that they might have split in good terms. Their body language though — the stars in her eyes when she looks at him, he averting his gaze when meeting her eyes, how their arms brush against each other as they walk closely, the way he holds her… if those gestures aren’t telling enough, well… That’s why the moment they stood rigidly and a step away from each other for that photo looks off, albeit a nice illustration of their gap-less relationship.

I think this show is going to be low-key, simple story about their reunion, which i don’t mind because it is easy to watch. If anything, the duration is too short. There isn’t much going on in a 6~7-minute episode i couldn’t help but wanting more. I understand it is a mobile drama, and such length is pretty standard for a youtube video. It won’t drain your phone battery too much unless you keep replaying them (until next Thursday) XD

nicmar_200003 nicmar_200004



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3 thoughts on “Nic & Mar: episode 2~3

  1. Hi, how are you? I just drop by to read all your Nic & Mar articles for the second time. I felt like watching the full series again on YouTube so I did and there’s still a thrill in me thinking that these two lovely-looking people might get back to each other. They really look great together compared to other girls linked to Nic. never thought I could be a fan of Indo celebrities as I’m into Korean love story 🙂 I think I’m gonna make an article about them as well 🙂


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