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Seluas itu – Nada untuk Asa’s insert song

So i finally watched Nada untuk Asa early last week. Been meaning to watch it yet constantly putting off since the first week of February, i managed to catch it before it stopped showing in cinemas altogether.

One of the best parts of the movie — which tells a story of two HIV-positive women making peace with the condition and eventually daring to live — is the scene where Acha Septriasa’s character Asa and Pongki (cameoing as himself) jamming to a song titled Seluas itu in the cafe. Yes, scenes like this may feel out of place at times, something that has little to do with the plot or characterization other than well, singing the song as the promotion in disguise for the OST. It does feel random that dispirited Asa is beckoned by the veteran singer-composer to join him in the song she knows the lyrics to. I can’t, however, deny how beautiful it is.

The official version of the song is upbeat and cheery (the banjo plucking intro is catchy) despite bittersweet undertone of the lyrics. It is not a sad song per se as the chorus swells with a positive outlook. That said, i prefer the acoustic duet in the movie, wherein lines become exchanges between them. This rendition comes off really heartfelt. Their voices blend nicely with neat harmonization. Plus, that facilitates an utterly cute first (non)meeting between Asa and Wisnu (played by Darius Sinathrya).

Not to mention the poetic hitting-home lines i couldn’t resist the urge to translate them:

“seluas itu”

mengapa wajahmu bersedih?
mengapa sulit tersenyum

apakah boleh kutawarkan? sebuah pelukan yang hangat
bukankah kamu t’lah terbiasa tertawakan sedih

mencoba mencari harapan dari setiap cobaan
tetap saja, dalam tawa mengalir air mata

aku jalani hidup hanya untuk sekali saja
cintaku ‘kan berlabuh pada mentari dan langit biru
seluas itu cintaku

English: “that vast”
why does your face fall?
why is it difficult to smile?

can i offer you a warm embrace?
aren’t you used to laughing at sadness?

trying to find hope in each trial
still, tears fall in between laughs

i live my life just for once
my love will sail to the sun and blue sky*
that’s how vast my love is

*) modified translation as “berlabuh” literally is “to dock”, which is the opposite of to sail, but i think the latter reads better? The line is hard to translate as it is pretty metaphorical — the last two lines are to convey that the love is as grand and wide as the sun and sky, respectively.

disclaimer: this is my first attempt at lyrics translation; pardon any inaccuracies xp



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