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Healer: turn of events in episode 13~14

This is bad, this is really bad, this is really really bad. This week’s editions of Healer are not good for our heart, emotional health, and tear ducts. Especially on the tear ducts.


I had to hold off jotting my thoughts down on the thirteenth until i watched the fourteenth because i totally gonna start from that major event and you probably won’t appreciate getting spoiled at the first sentence, if you have yet to watch the said episode. I assume you have caught this week’s pair episodes by now, so here i go:

Why dramas like to kill their key characters when they’re at their best? You know, when they are in the middle of being awesome, in the process of righting the wrong or make amends for past deeds, going to be a whistleblower, or up to something good. While it is usually done to move the plot forward and shake things up, ofttimes it happens at the worst timing, when i’m expecting a breakthrough or an answer to the mystery or secret. Because then all efforts seem naught and we’re back to square one again.

Sometimes we see it coming, sometimes we’re just floored. Sometimes we know the drama is going that route, sometimes it just happens and the next thing we know that character’s gone. I’d roll my eyes at the former while waiting for that doomed moment to occur, but the latter… is a huge shocker it messes with my head, and heart, and ability to form coherent thoughts. THAT’s what Healer gave me this week, the second scenario, and i was so gutted.

healer_1302 healer_1406

The situation does escalate quickly. We came to episode 13 with Healer wounded, drugged, and passed out on the rooftop; his cap, glasses, and jacket taken by Teacher. While i didn’t expect Teacher to let himself caught by the SS guys, i believe it is a calculated move (at least from his part) since Min-ja Ahjumma keeps tabs on his whereabouts and welfare. Isn’t she also the one who reports his ‘kidnapping’ to the police? It is clear that Teacher does it to cover for Jung-hoo and preserve his identity.

Everything seems to be under control (Ahjumma isn’t too worried that Teacher ends up captured by the police; she believes he’ll crawl out of there by himself — and alive — by the next day) up to that interrogation scene. Keeping his trademark smiley face on, Teacher looks ready to deflect any charges before he takes a sudden left turn and openly admits that he’s The Healer, taking the fall for all Healer’s doings. I didn’t know why until he spews out foam and left me flabbergasted at that.

What follows is one of the most heartrending breakdowns i’ve ever seen. The way Ji Chang-wook portrayed Jung-hoo’s grief was so spot on (the confusion, the denial, the inability to make sense of it or know what to do next); it was raw and felt so real i bawled my eyes out when he isn’t even crying — his eyes are wet but no tears are shed. The last drama that affected me this much was Misaeng (well, that’s recent); i didn’t expect Healer to even come close to that, but i guess it did.

healer_1404 healer_1405

Nevertheless, how can he die just like that after vowing to protect the baby bears? If he could out himself and talk for that long, he could’ve gotten himself an antidote, right? That surely won’t make it a grand gesture of sacrifice as it is now, still, it’s hard to let him go. Particularly after seeing more flashbacks of the happier times between him and younger Jung-hoo. We don’t know why Teacher left Jung-hoo just like that eight years ago and didn’t keep in touch, but he is the one who took him in and raised him and equipped him with necessary skills to survive on his own. He is the closest thing to a family that Jung-hoo has — he even brought cake upon his return because he remembered little Jung-hoo had requested for a cake on his birthday…

We have yet to learn if the poison order came from Moon-shik. On several occasions his right-hand man operates under the Elder’s commands with Moon-shik out of the loop (like in the case of the elevator accident involving Young-shin), but i think this time it is his doing. And if it is, he’s gone to the path of one-dimensional villain role and i don’t think it’ll stop at Teacher. We also have yet to learn what actually happened to Gil-han and Joon-seok and who orchestrated it, but if Moon-shik is heartless enough to off his old friend just because the latter intends to disturb the ‘peace’ he’s created and maintained for 22 years, i am wary for the other three bears’ safety (Moon-ho, Jung-hoo, and Young-shin) now that they attempt to dig into that sensitive case.


Another major event occurring this week is Young-shin finally knows who Bong-soo is. It is impossible to keep the secret hidden after Ahjumma calling her to find him, but it is not the big shocking reveal. She puts two and two together on her own. I won’t discuss this much, can’t do it without going into details and make this post super long, but it is interesting to note that it is Ahjumma who sent her to Jung-hoo’s rescue, twice, and thus revealed his identity although she was always against the idea of him telling her about his real self.

With three weeks and six episodes to go, there is plenty of time to spread the focus on the reporting bits, the convoluted world where Moon-shik and Elder are in, and the romance, though i hope the characters start uniting and making a move. They can’t leave it hanging following Teacher’s death, can they? The motive and urgency are there, why wait? Moon-ho hints at that, after remained silent for two decades despite having a suitcaseful of information, but he can’t do it alone. Of course he needs to patch the crack between him and Jung-hoo first and then includes Young-shin in the loop.

The latter may happen soon, because something big shall happen when she meets Myung-hee, right?

Keep the ball rolling, Healer!




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