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Stop teasing, Ouroboros!

New police/detective drama starring Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun.
AND Ueno Juri.
AND Arashi singing the theme song.

Seriously, do you need any other reason to check at least the premiere out?
Is there a reasonable reason NOT to watch it??


Been eyeing this drama since mid last year. A half-year wait isn’t as long as it seems (the days are long but the years pass by in a flash indeed) and voilà it will finally air this Friday.

I read bits and pieces of the plot (ain’t a manga reader, that’s why) and it sounds like something we’ve heard or seen before: a character witnesses/with a traumatic event when they’re little and embark on a path of revenge once they reach adulthood, just with different set of traits. Toma becomes a detective while Oguri a yakuza (Japanese mafia).

Of course i can only tell if i like the story after i watch the drama, though i guess i’ll follow through for the cast alone. I mean, it’s Toma-Oguri tandem after 2007’s HanaKimi, minus the silliness!? I loved Nakatsu and his monologues to bits, i also enjoyed the overall frivolity, but i prefer the performance of both actors in more serious roles and Ouroboros seems to offer that.

Therefore drama, just please be good.

ouroboros-16h51m10s247 ouroboros-16h51m22s85 ouroboros-16h51m44s226

Here’s hoping i don’t have to wait forever for the subs. Don’t force me to watch you RAW…



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