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Healer: halfway through

Healer-ya, why so awesome???

Maybe it’s the writing, the directing, the acting. Maybe it’s a combination of those. Or maybe it’s Ji Chang-wook.


I’ve been eyeing this drama for several weeks, putting it at the top of my to-watch list as soon as i read it’s said to give off a strong City Hunter‘s vibe. I enjoyed that series and i figured i might like this one too. I already had several dramas on my plate (so many dramas, so little free time *sigh*) and outlined/discussed a couple of them (which took a hell of a lot of time) i dared not cram Healer in.

I hopped onto the bandwagon last week, marathoning the first eight episodes over the weekend and thus ready for this week’s editions. Though i still seriously think watching a finished series is better for a fangirl’ heart, especially when it is this good, since i can get away with having to spend a week (or longer if you are dependent on subs like me) waiting for the next installment every single week till it’s over, i couldn’t have started at a better time. We are right at halfway point now and it’s only getting better.

If you have watched City Hunter, i believe you too would concur that Healer gives similar feelings that go beyond the fact that Park Min-young headlines both dramas. There are also differences between the two that i won’t delve into because 1) that’s a major digression, which 2) would be lengthy, and 3) isn’t the point of this post.


Healer is the code name Seo Jung-hoo (Ji Chang-wook) assumes as a nighttime errand boy who takes any underground order as long as it’s not to kill. Nimble and fit, he works in tandem with equally awesome and highly efficient hacker Jo Min-ja (Kim Mi-kyung) whom he calls ahjumma. She supports him behind the scene, supplies him with state-of-the-art gears, and is able to hack into anything — TV, CCTV, phone, security system, even car — to ensure glitch-free work execution.

Jung-hoo pays no interest to the world outside his bubble — his day consists of training, work, sleep, and instant/fast-food — until he’s commissioned to dig into everything related to Chae Young-shin (Park Min-young), a feisty second-rate online entertainment news site reporter. At first it was just to obtain her DNA, then to find out about her personal life and background (clever way to get him to know all about her without turning him into a stalker — he is, but that’s the assignment!), and finally to save and protect her. To accomplish it, Jung-hoo takes on a second persona as gawky, stuttering Park Bong-soo and joins in as a newbie under Young-shin.

The man behind the continuous orders is Kim Moon-ho (Yoo Ji-tae) in an attempt to locate “that child”. The star reporter is admired by Young-shin to the point that he became her ‘first love’. That’s how the three leads cross path with one another in the present although their connection dates back to 1981 when the five buddies — Jung-hoo’s father and teacher, Young-shin’s parents, and Moon-ho’s brother — were photographed together.

healer_06 healer_05

The plot is now moving toward unraveling what happened in 1992 which left two of them dead, one disabled, one rose to success (and a child declared dead). The period with a traumatic event that left both little Ji-an and Jung-hoo parentless. The former was lost after THE accident, later on abused before being adopted by Dad (Park Sang-myun), the latter was abandoned by his mom because he resembles his late father so much (seeing him made her burst into tears though they managed to make amends and are now on good terms).

THAT is the part which gets more and more riveting by the episode (besides the budding romance of course) because i am not drawn into the scheming politicians part or even the journalism bits. The former is hardly my cup of tea, the latter… while it’s the characters’ day job, i am already watching another drama that tackles that line of work (Pinocchio) and i find Pinocchio‘s plot more engaging on that front. But yes to characters’ relationships, mainly because that gives Jung-hoo a reason to live, and anything that makes and keeps him alive, i care about that. If the drama can just focus on that part, i’d be a happy camper.

And oh, the romance too — the love triangle or square between Young-shin and three versions of Jung-hoo. It is Jung-hoo who likes Young-shin, it is Healer whom she likes, but it is Bong-soo who confesses to her. It is complicated yet addicting. It is bittersweet for Jung-hoo (didn’t his eyes glisten after being rejected?) but i just want more. Thing is, i don’t want her to fall for Healer or Bong-soo because both aren’t the real Jung-hoo. I wonder how she’ll make the connection.

Gee, i am such a sucker for guardian angel/undercover hero kind of story who keeps an eye on you literally from above, swoops in at the right time to save the day, but for some reason cannot let himself known. You’re not alone Chae Young-shin, i start fantasizing about him too (creepy i know)… I swoon and squee and feel all fuzzy and giddy from the little moments. Can’t recall the last time i was like this, lol. I also refrain myself from taking screencaps of the episodes lest i’ll abuse the print screen button.

So, sit back and enjoy, shall we?




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