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Pinocchio: the twist in episode 5~6

“If you kill that man, you stop being a victim and become a murderer.”

That’s the reminder Jang Hye-sung tells Park Soo-ha, the anchor that restrains his urge to kill Min Joon-gook in I Hear Your Voice. Even if Min Joon-gook has done all the unimaginable and remains the creepiest stalker-villain i’ve seen in dramaland.

Pinocchio is brought by the same team and while there are recurring themes, i am not keen on drawing a parallel between the two, because this is this and that is that. Some people may not know about the production team behind the dramas they’re following, some may not watch their previous works. However, the latest turn of events that baffled and caught us all off guard triggered the memories.


I didn’t see it coming. Sure enough, when Hyung Jae-myung (Yoon Kyun-sang) grew livid at the reporters at cliff’s top, i thought he’d attack some of them. Or when he loitered outside the Pinocchio witness’ house with a dark face, i feared he’d do something stupid. But he didn’t, did he?

Hyung has a warm and good-natured disposition, but like Dal-po, easily loses his cool when it comes to dad’s case. And now that the brothers have learned about dad’s tragic death and how media played a significant part in giving their family a bad name, their rage is expected. Their reactions toward Dad’s unjust story are polarized though: Hyung takes on a path of revenge — which i thought Dal-po would do — while Dal-po aims to clear dad’s name through the power of media. It is as contrasting as Hyung’s despondent “Now I’m truly alone” vs Dal-po’s hopeful “I am not alone” can get.

Out of the revenge methods available, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is probably the most satisfying. The plant manager shows no slightest sign of repentance giving a false statement and even feels relief that Dad is indeed gone i am all for giving him a taste of his own medicine. But killing him (and his two subordinates — at which i totally went “Hyung, no!!! Whyyy~~”) is definitely not the way to do it. He is the key to the truth. I am not sure if he could be convicted for framing, but if he is gone too, who can testify for Dad’s innocence?

Plus, the plant manager is no murderer, but killing him makes Hyung a murderer.

Gawdd, i so hate this twist. That’s just too cruel and extreme to stomach. Hyung’s clearly conflicted and shaking when the container fire case is on the news, i hope he will save the plant manager and stop here. If not, it is gonna be Min Joon-gook vs Soo-ha all over again. The former argues that anybody in his shoes would do the same while the latter proves that it’s all a matter of choice.


That’s only a fraction of what happens in episode 5 and 6, although it is definitely a major event. Our four leads are newbies now and i like how they are working at rival broadcast networks — Dal-po and Yoo-rae at YGN, In-ha and Beom-jo at MSC — since it will up the rivalry between the pairs. As they’re wrapping their first scoop up, it is interesting to note the possibility of In-ha brings in a more factual report that Dal-po. The Pinocchio gal deemed unfit to be a reporter, ‘scouted’ only for publicity stunt, but also someone who acts on what niggles her mind — in this case, seeks the hidden truth. She has to; because while others can lie, hide their feelings, or dismiss doubt, she can’t.

Still, the thoughts of Hyung’s homicide keep cropping up as i’m watching other scenes. It dashes hopes of a bittersweet reunion. It’s gonna be a heartbreaking and tragic one. Dal-po will surely report on the case. If he’s not telling the whole truth, Pinocchio In-ha will. Man, i am so not looking forward to that.



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