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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? — Reunion???

I just wrote throwback to the movie several months ago and today there’s “after 12 years…” version??

Can’t. Contain. My. Excitement.

I don’t care if it is just a mini drama or pure advertisement for LINE, i’ll eat it up.

If you haven’t watched it (for the umpteenth times) already, hit the play button above! It’s only 10 minutes long, it’ll be over in a flash and you’ll only want more. Because if you want to see continuation — and let’s be honest, closure — to their bittersweet ending that’s left hanging with Rangga’s promise to return on a (or is it ONE?) full moon, this is the closest you can get.

I am pretty much sold once I see that all 6 original cast are in to reprise their 2002 roles. It’s been over a decade, but they easily slip into character as if it was just yesterday. AADC TV series what? This is the real deal!

aadc2014-23h11m49s35 aadc2014-23h13m28s121

The story doesn’t pick up from where they left off in 2002, it is the characters’ 2014 present selves. So many things have changed in the span of 12 years; they who used to communicate face to face, talk for hours with one ear glued to landline’s handset, or exchange heart fluttering messages via ink on paper now do so via instant messages, eyes and hand(s) glued to hi-tech gadget of choice.

All these years Rangga hasn’t gone back home. (Why not?) The day before his business trip to several Asian cities, including Jakarta, memories of this girl he met and fell for during high school flood back thanks to the legendary book of Aku.

He manages to find Cinta on LINE through one of the apps’ features, informs her of his short trip to town and proposes a meet up. Cinta who understandably nonplussed and hesitant sends no reply. (Dude! It’s been 12 years and you contact her just now?? And ask to meet her in person out of the blue, on such a short notice? You don’t even know if she’s still single and available…)


When she consults the other four about it, they are curious as to how he looks now (“No profile picture? Why is he still acting all mysterious?” “He must be so handsome now.”) and what kind of messages he sent but support her stance to ignore him. The most observant and the wisest Alya still needs to step in and break it to her that she may still have something to say to him and that everybody can start afresh (again).

Cinta keeps on contemplating and Rangga waiting… (the push and pull is so them. Twelve years does nothing to their huge ego) and his two-day trip in Jakarta is over (if you’re that desperate to see her one more time, you can make use of either the free call or video call option, Rangga… just sayin’).

… and of course airport will be the last location. It worked the first time, let’s repeat the charm!

aadc2014-23h23m34s47 aadc2014-23h23m28s249

12 years later, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? still evokes so many feels… The background music, the pretty cinematography, poetic lines, the couple — the magic is still there. I am not fond of how Rangga stood Cinta up all these years and always leaves it up to her to make the final call, but this mini drama also hits all the right buttons. And when they smile like that at the end, i forget the idiocy and cheesiness of it all.

AADC is timeless afterall!



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