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Unapologetic ranting

Layoff, albeit euphemism for fired, is not a positive word. It isn’t nice on the ears, and definitely not nice to be on the receiving end of  it. It isn’t a light topic either thus my animosity toward those who utter the word easily or go around telling other people they risk getting laid off. When it is most likely not true. I was like, wtf man?

Employment is a feat, no matter where you’re based at, regardless of your credentials. It sure comes easy for some people — they swiftly land a job with enviable paycheck, jump ship at a moment’s notice with significant pay jump, and headhunted with hefty remuneration packages — but every now and then i keep hearing snippets of how he and she in this or that country has jumped through hoops with little to no avail.

To those in the second group, job security may be one of their highest priority. I’m not comfortable being in an environment where people come and go, constantly state their wish to leave, or get cut off on a very short notice, and that person just makes it worse by saying things like that, especially if stated on own accord. So insensitive.

I always (try to) see the best in others, especially if i’m only meeting them on several occasions and don’t really have a chance to know them better. It’s like i start from 100 and then go down from there —  they lose a point or two or ten when they say, do, or display something i can’t agree with. Not saying that my way is the best; i don’t dislike someone simply because they aren’t like me either. I do have low tolerance for bull; still, they must cross the line for me to see them in bad light.

With me, what you see is what you get. I’m no good at faking it so even if i can’t express what i feel, it shows on my face. No matter who you are, i don’t wanna do business with you if i don’t like you. If i can’t ignore you completely, i’ll keep you at arm’s length. I’m pretty much a no-nonsense person, unlike my colleague who openly said “I keep my friends and enemies close.” I can’t. I’m not that tactful and perhaps not possess as high an EQ as my colleague’s. I’m so over the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” crap, my way of life is simple as a mirror, what you do to me is what i do to you.

[Not always, though that’s what i do now xp]

You need to win some before you can afford to lose some, but at this rate, she’s bound to lose everyone. Nobody likes bitchy superior, do we? Just like there’s no such thing as a perfect human being, there is no perfect employee either. Even if you’ve been doing what you’re doing for decades, chances are you’re still going to make mistakes here and there. And i never heard of people being let go due to little mistakes or petty matters.

Don’t superiors tend to check in at the wrong time? Like when we’re uber-busy, they’re nowhere to be found; once we’re cooling down and relaxing a bit, they pop out out of nowhere. And that makes you think we ain’t got work to do or that we’re slacking off? Oh, come on. We’re not robots operating 24/7 non-stop. There are times workload is crazy i can’t even take a break, there are times it isn’t so bad. What’s wrong with checking our phone, updating social media, or even watching videos during work hours (some offices don’t allow this, or your role may provide no room to even surf the net but you get the point) when everything has been taken care of? What matters is that we get the job done, do it well, and deliver it on time.

Do you even know what we do and how we do our work? We’re not even reporting to you. I don’t think you even have a say in keeping or making any of us go. So how you could say what you said is beyond me.

1) if that’s meant to be a joke, that ain’t funny. Layoff is a very serious issue. Period.
2) if that’s not meant to be a joke, who are you to judge? Refer to previous paragraph.
3) if that’s meant to be a warning or worse a threat, well that’s cheap of you not the most effective way to do it. At least to me, it just raises my hackles. And spurs my rebellious side. It does no good for employee morale either. The jab wasn’t directed at me, still i didn’t feel good about it. I can imagine how mortified and flustered the poor guy must’ve felt…

Lastly, it’s not so much WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. You may be accustomed to speaking in blunt, brusque, patronizing way, but unlike having resting bitchface at which you can do little about, you can work on your tone, or yunno say what you said more nicely or with different set of words. I am guilty of this so it’s something i’m still working on too, which can be hard to tell since you can’t see your own face or ‘hear’ your own tone…



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