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1st glimpse into Arashi’s digital world

Every Arashi fan out there must have date-marked 22 October 2014 and many would have probably started counting down to that date, when the 2014 studio album of this awesome quintet will be officially released. With cover and tracklist already out, information like who came up with the bizarre title, Sho penning rap lyrics for three songs (including his solo) and full lyrics for the RE’s bonus track, Nino taking care of his solo again, and Jun co-writing his is yesterday’s news.

Two weeks isn’t that far away, and for now let’s be content with Zero-G cut*. Half of the album’s lead track was played on Arashi Discovery several days ago. This song will come with a PV and making of, and Ohno is again the dance banchou \o/  However, I’m confused when it is said to be the first song choreographed by him that will be made into a PV… or something along those lines. Sorry if the sentence doesn’t make sense; i (am) confused myself. We all know he did Bittersweet and the PV was basically a long moody slow-mo video of the members, but i thought he also did GUTS! and Daremo shiranai, no?


Well, Zero-G is everything i half-dreaded expected it to be. Syncopated thumping beats, enhanced vocals, funky sound that’s totally danceable. (Why do i always feel that such stylish otherworldly song qualifies as Jun’s solo better?) A perfect sample of what The Digitalian might offer. I was excited about the upcoming album, not so at the title — nor the kind of concept it has. Techno is nothing new in Arashi’s catalog, and while i like some of these songs it is generally not my cup of tea.

Cmiiw, but i believe 2011’s Beautiful World houses electropop tracks (e.g. Mada minu sekai e and Lotus). These elements are also present in their recent B-side tracks like IntergalacticSync, and Fly. Idk how different techno and digital is, if the two are indeed not the same; i can probably tell after i give the album a listen. Still, i’m decidedly wary. Here’s hoping The Digitalian isn’t going to be Beautiful World 2.0…

That said, Arashi’s music has been a genre breaker for me, in that regardless of music style/sound they’re experimenting with, most of the time i’ll end up liking it (albeit fleetingly). The same goes for Zero-G. Not digging the robotic delivery or the earful transitions, i feel that the futuristic tunes are built around a familiar composition. Mash-up of Shake it! and P.A.R.A.D.O.X maybe?

My gut tells me the other four enjoyed back-dancing to Jun’s Shake it! during Arafes 2012 so much they demand similar number for the group. At least that explains why Ohno consulted Jun on the choreo and the rest learned the moves quickly^, lol.

Look forward to Ohno’s brainchild. Hopefully he’ll come up with dynamic, quick-paced, on-the-beat steps. And Dear PV, please don’t disappoint…

*) I don’t embed the preview here as we know how long Arashi-related videos last on streaming sites, but this link shall redirect you to the one on youtube. Sound quality is pretty good. I won’t update/find another link if these two are no longer accessible.
^) source: amnosxmatsujun@twitter
~ album covers from aramajapan ~



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2 thoughts on “1st glimpse into Arashi’s digital world

  1. “Genre breaker” THIS!!! I was just discussing this with another Arashi friend, that Arashi always manages to break our genre preferences. And while I am dreading The Digitalian because I am not into that kind of music, Zero-G, as a teaser, was not so bad for me. I think I can live with it lol

    I was confused too about Zero-G being Riida’s first choreo for a PV coz I also thought that he did it for GUTS and he did the choreo for Daremo Shiranai too (but was there a PV?) .

    Let’s see if we will Dig Italian come 22nd lol


    1. Since apparently Arashi experiments with a lot of different genres especially for their B-sides (someone even mentioned there was even klezmer, which i knew nothing about), i guess my music tolerance is pretty wide when it comes to their songs as long as they sound “Arashi” to me. Zero-G has that familiar Arashi sound too so i’m okay with it, and if the rest of The Digitalian is like that, i’ll have no complaints 😉

      Yeah, i don’t understand it either, but maybe because there were no official statements regarding Ohno choreographing GUTS and Daremo? I did look it up again just in case, but i think i only read fans “speculating” that those two were also done by him… *shrug*

      LOL at your “Dig Italian”… Arashi and their superb Engrish XD


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