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“Yeah, this is my wish…”

I’m feeling far from great lately… and i don’t write as often anymore. I used to just spill everything out in words since there are so many things i can’t express verbally, but nowadays… idk… my brain remain ruckus-full but i can’t seem to translate them into coherent writing. Majority of them get dropped midway; the rest that i managed to complete (and post here) took me days — sometimes weeks — to finish. And it exhausts me.

Life is okay, work’s getting humdrum, local news is dispiriting cum aggravating, and i ran out of dramas to watch (ha)… Luckily i have daily doses of rainbow happiness; however, it feels like what i need now is a heart-to-heart talk  — or group bashing to, yunno, vent these feelings/thoughts out loud — it’s been a while since i last had one. A few encouraging nods and pats won’t hurt either.

It’s been a while since i last catch up with my friends too. We are working adults now with varying working hours/days and some of my friends are already having their own little family so it’s getting harder to find matching free time to meet up. And while i managed to build good rapport with my colleagues including the current ones, we never hang out after office. It’s pretty much “strictly business only” which i’m perfectly fine with. I’d love to maintain a status quo between work and life and hate mixing the two. ‘Cuz work-related topic will surely be broached whenever I’m out with them. But i digress.

So yeah, when all else fails, i can always depend on myself right? I’ve played the above song (whose melody somehow reminds me of Lee Ann Womack’s I hope you dance) to myself and looked up uplifting quotes… Self-consoling it is =)

if you happen to read this post and aren’t feeling your best too, here’s my wish for you… there, there…

[from pixyquotes]



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