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1 step forward, 10 steps back

The aggravating situation about this republic’s democracy.

When i thought we finally get a glimmer of hope with the result of recent presidential election, THIS happened. On a Friday. wtf.

I don’t want to spend the weekend stewing over this issue. I’ve deliberately eschewing TV for a long time now — it makes me think and feel more negative than positive — while keeping up with current news via other means and yeah… just can’t help it. I tried distracting myself by doing other things, but these thoughts keep popping up. Uncool. So damn uncool, man.

But honestly? i saw it coming. Tho’ i never expected it to actually materialize. You won’t want your worst nightmare to happen, will you? Ever since media started covering Revisi UU MD3 few months ago (to this drama-fest RUU Pilkada), i sensed that we all need to be on guard ‘cuz the other side is cooking something up. Something very fishy and shady.

I don’t want to think it’s the ‘repercussion’ of that big event but all signs point to yes. Losing is never easy. We all hate it, don’t we? Especially when we’ve given our all and sacrificed so much… Or when we’ve got those strong feelings (hopefully backed by solid evidences) that the other party is somehow not playing 100% fair to claim the coveted victory. But frankly: who’s playing 100% fair in politics? And while i understand how frustrating it must be and the resolution to fight till the very end, the said end has already passed by. The way we cope with failure may be different, yet at the end of the day, we shall learn from it and then move on.

This is something the other side can’t seem to come to terms with. They, supposedly the representatives of the people, who on paper should make decisions on behalf of us thus basing their stance on what we want. In reality, not only do they turn a deaf ear towards the populace’s voices and aspirations, they’re only thinking of what will fatten themselves and their own parties WHILE claiming that it is for the people. Who still trust them, seriously??

Then, there’s of course The RI 1 Man. He’s been in limelight for all the wrong reasons, and now i think people just couldn’t care less about being discreet or decent anymore. Everything just spills right out.

“Apa cara paling memorable untuk berhenti setelah 10 tahun jadi presiden negara demokratis? Kill democracy on your way out.” ~ Joko Anwar

[left picture from tempoenglish, right from @AdibHidayat]

Ironic indeed given that he was the first president directly elected by the people. Not once but twice. Be it because people sympathized with him, found him ‘handsome’, thought he and his then new party would bring change, or truly believed they would firmly say “NO!” to corruption. Now, after countless chances given to him to prove us wrong, he turned his back on those who gave him the crown in the first place.

Since then numerous conspiracy theories have surfaced (including the improbable silly mixed-up between going all out and walk out) but we can never know how it happened, who initiated what, and the big darn why. If i were him though, i’d be livid when my instruction got horribly misinterpreted disregarded and do something. In case anyone forgets, we are using presidential system, NOT parliamentary. President has the power to veto the bill, regardless of what the legislature has passed. DO IT, DAMMIT!

“RUU Pertanahan dan RUU Tapera ga jadi disahkan karena Pemerintah menarik usulannya.. Kenapa di RUU Pilkada ga seperti itu?” @firrywahid

‘Cuz how can they pass something citizens at large clearly oppose to? Which people were they representing? I’m not sure about the statistics but surely majority of us (i read that it is 81%) prefer direct election. I’ve read quite a number of articles on this polemic and have yet to find one commenter backing this bill.

Some people may not bother tuning in or even turning out since it doesn’t concern them. The impact may not be direct, but it’ll eventually affect you. They’ll concoct policies (we ideally shall abide by) that depending on how ‘popular’ they are will be reflected in exchange rates and stock market prices, which will in turn affect commodity prices, then food prices, and eventually living costs. Lucky you if your salary is as variable as the inflation…

Plus, aren’t you furious when your right is snatched away, right under your nose, for no reason, just because they feel like it, because a small group of people think they own the whole nation? We are civilians, not convicted criminals, why are we stripped of our political rights??

What is democracy without citizens choosing whom to lead them? And we only get to choose the head (not the neck, body, arms and legs!). Yes, it is tiring and tedious; yes, it is prone to money politics and vote buying; yes, people can still vote for the wrong candidate; yes, even the good ones don’t always win. If the chosen one can renege on their promises after going to great lengths to win hearts (and eventually votes), just imagine what they’ll do when they feel no obligation to put citizens’ best interest in mind…

[from boyo@blogdetik]

Not saying that only rotten guys will get appointed; i too would love it if we can delegate this task to the officials, which means one fewer thing to worry about, provided that they do their jobs properly and responsibly. But looking at what we have now… not in a million years. Yes, direct election incurs lots of expenses, but why save if it’ll only end up on someone’s pocket? It’s people’s hard-earned tax money we’re talking ’bout.

Not saying that those supporting the new bill are all cowards who don’t think they’ll stand a chance if presented before the people. When everybody on your team chooses A, would you dare to choose B? Or when everybody’s eating a cake, would you not want a slice too? Peer pressure and fear of missing out. However, at the end of the day, what truly matters is one’s final decision and where they stand. Action speaks louder than words.

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.”

On a side note, are you following 2014 Asian Games? I checked it just now and we’ve amassed 17 medals (thus far?), 4 of which are gold. Two of the gold came from crowd favorite sport: badminton. I find it ironic that these athletes train hard every single day so they can win competitions to earn the country a respect (in terms of sports) and enable the national anthem to reverberate on international stages, while those guys sitting on big comfy seats in parliament — with unrivaled privileges, amazing perks, and astronomical allowances to boot — are obviously in much better position to make an impact on the nation’s standing on international scale as well as a noticeable difference in people’s lives yet chose to abuse their power to shatter it overnight.

We are all eager to move forward and ready to embrace tomorrow while they’re still caught up in the past. “The past is a nice place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay.”

Do we also need to change DPR/MPR to DPP/MPP? They’re definitely NOT Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat/Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat, but Dewan Perwakilan Partai/Majelis Permusyawaratan Partai.



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