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Go crazy over shirt, shirt, shirt

Lately i’ve been gravitating towards upbeat songs more and more. I digest all tempo yet unlike ballads or midtempo jams, uptempo songs can be listened to any time any day. The happy, zippy kind in particular is infallible pick-me-up regardless of one’s mood.

The music entries i posted this year attest to this. They’re not all (i obviously don’t write about every single song/album i’m listening to); i do have a fair share of slower-tempo songs too, mostly OSTs of the dramas i’ve watched, but i find it easier to warm up to uptempo ones.

One of my current favorites is Super Junior’s Shirt. Having Donghae co-write the track and Shindong and Eunhyuk choreograph the dance provides more than enough reasons to pay special attention to this song. It would still be a crowd pleaser number nonetheless since both the song and the choreo are nice, regardless of the man behind the scene or absurd lyrics (“girl you’re tasty” is lol, i can’t even). Add to that the pelvic thrust, butt smack, throw-and-catch kiss, and members’ all smiles throughout the performance, how can you not love (their) Shirt(s)?

When the members are given a chance to contribute to the work their doing (in this case the song they’re promoting), it shows in the performance. It does make a whole lotta difference — the excitement and energy level surged. And when they frolic and have fun (on stage), we’re ten times happier 🙂

This Show! Music Core version is probably my favorite Shirt stage — love the camera work — not only because it’s sung live but also because they looked cheeriest and most playful there. Talking ’bout singing live during live performances, i totally concurred MBC’s recent policy to ban lip-sync on the music program. It is a no-brainer, really; don’t you expect the artists to sing with their real voices when they’re on stage?

Not all artists lip-sync, i know, but i am tired of playing this spot-the-mistake game to decide whether they’re singing live or just mouthing the lyrics. It will be performance- or dance-centric in the latter case, but that’s what the MVs are for. Plus, if i remember correctly, the ban doesn’t require them to sing live 100%, but still i’d appreciate imperfect live singing than the pre-recorded ones — that’s what the album is for.

Alas, I don’t share the same sentiment towards the group’s latest single, Mamacita. I don’t know, i was probably expecting something similar to Super Junior M’s Swing (sans the dubstep interlude)… The sporadic English lines don’t cut it either; “close your lips, shut your tongue” anyone? O.O The next two tracks, Midnight blues and Evanesce, are sleek and soulful; however, both exercise a bit too much falsetto in the choruses they come off straining in my ears.

Raining spell for love is a much better song than the first three. Thunderous drum beats, powerful chorus, and badass rapping to boot. It’s rousing, ‘nuf said. The aforementioned Shirt follows next, full of brass and hand clapping on the background. I think it’s the only song that uses autotune, which is pretty obvious tho’ not annoying. What else can i say? It’s the record’s catchiest and blithest number, Suju’s style.

The next three songs are still the upbeat kind, if not retro-ish. THIS IS LOVE is so-so; Let’s dance‘s lively instrumentation reminds me of MJ’s signature sound, especially the high-pitched Wooo~~; Too many beautiful girls is a breezy summer song that sounds a lot like what One Direction would sing. A fun song to sing-along to.

Tempo is down a peg in tuneful Mid-season before Islands the ballad brings the seventh album to a close…

…but wow did i digress? I initially only intended to mention Shirt and Mamacita, i ended up briefly touching on the whole album orz. I expected this post to be only a couple hundred words long, by now it has tripled. Anyway, MAMACITA is a solid album. I would skip the first three tracks but the rest are pretty darn good.

If you don’t find the above song(s) perky enough, how about this one?

Charged up?

Junho’s verse is my favorite i could replay that part alone all day. The vocal, beat, and dance steps there are just nifty. The verses are all different, which is good since the song doesn’t sound repetitive. There is no pre-chorus or clear transition but each song part shifts to the chorus seamlessly.

When i listened to the song by itself, Go Crazy! is pretty contained, but then you check the MV out and hell yeah 2PM are hyper. It reminds me of their Hands up days and while Go crazy! party ver. is nowhere as rowdy as Hands up was, the original version (embedded above) is a blast to watch.

If Suju have fun performing Shirt on stage, the beastly idols just enjoy themselves, freestyling and being manic whenever they can. Who to blame when the choreo (the air revving!) calls for unabated hopping around till they are told to slow down?

michin saramdeul, go crazy!



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