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KARA: it’s time to be okay

(I embedded this one as it is from the official DSPKara channel; however, the one uploaded on 1theK has English subtitles)

Do Kamilia(s) think so too?

Didn’t mean it to be a bane, though the new lineup has been getting mixed reactions from fans and non-fans alike. Didn’t follow Baby KARA project so i have no say regarding the new addition (e.g. whether or not she’s the best pick) besides the obvious: she looks like Seung-yeon…

Not that similar though i found myself doing a lot of double takes during the group dance shots.

I won’t broach this matter as it has no end. One thing for sure, it is never easy to let a member go and then add a new one in, particularly when you’ve grown to like the group so much. Although the 5-member KARA was not even the original lineup — it started off as a quartet and now has gone a full cycle to become a quartet again — it was the KARA i knew and came to like over the years. It will never be/feel the same.


Regardless, Mamma mia is an absolute earworm. It will win you over. It is a high-octane, effervescent, and powerful dance track. The lead single from the group’s 6th Mini Album Day&Night sets the tone right from the beginning with that foot-tapping keyboard tunes. Instrumentation quietens during the first verse but quickly builds up to the boisterous chorus. Step immediately comes to mind; Mamma mia is as upbeat and rapturous though not as cathartic as Step.

A song always feels extra festive when brass is used and that what we get here. As if it’s not enough, there comes the hook… which brought the house down. The girls are as hyper as you can imagine. It is downright exhilarating. Delish eargasm, you’re here again?

Overall, the MV is pretty, the girls look gorgeous as always, and oh the choreo! It is tight, energetic, popping, sexy (the classy kind) and… gahh. Can’t wait for their comeback stage to see the full routine. How much better will it be??

mmmv-22h20m46s221 mmmv-22h32m04s134

Alas, after all awesomeness Mamma mia offers, the mini album pales in comparison. I’ve looped the record multiple times by now and none of the other five tracks appeals to me. Live is jazzy; So good and Melancholy (24/7), contrary to the title, are playfully upbeat and brassy though nowhere as explosive as the promotional single; Red light and Story are the slower-tempo tracks. The former is a nice jam while the latter, penned by Gyuri, Hara, and Seung-yeon, is a straight-up doleful ballad. They’re good, but no standout.

Day&Night doesn’t disappoint; their music still rings familiar albeit produced by new composer and recorded with one new voice.







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