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That mesmerizing ultra HD DISPLAY

Techno or electropop isn’t a genre i’m gravitating toward, but i like Perfume’s sound. I like the trio’s oeuvre though i don’t manage to like all of their singles, let alone songs. That’s usually due to excessive use of either autotune or synthesized beats. However, what never fails to fascinate me is their PVs.

Theirs are usually the dance-in-the-box kind many people griping about, but they — or the creative team — always come up with interesting concept that the end result is far from boring just-dance-and-copious-close-ups promotional video. Display‘s short PV embedded above is a perfect case in point.

What? Click ‘play’ if you haven’t already!

Don’t you marvel at the visual effects? Or their highly synchronized dance? Replete with 4K resolution to boot?? It’s one of the videos i’ve been replaying over and over again and still awes me every time. Besides, Display is a great song, my favorite from Perfume’s first single this year, Cling Cling. From their more recent singles i’ve listened to, i tend to like the title track only, but here i like Cling cling the least.

I’m not following each of the group’s releases religiously, neither am i that familiar with their usual sound, but i think Cling cling offers a new and different tune. While i adore their costumes and headpieces there and the oriental influences (also present in Ijiwaru na hello) are fused well into the song, there’s something about it i don’t particularly dig. Let’s revert to Display for a moment, shall we?

dsplypv-23h22m01s8_1 dsplypv-23h28m40s144_1

I took to it ever since short versions of the single’s first three songs were dropped on their official youtube channel. It was edgy and sounded quite badass atop the dubstep and grinding distorted beats. Sweet refrain (their last single) and Cling cling are also embellished with dubstep, albeit much subtler. I looked forward to the single’s release for this song, and the full track is an unexpected twist.

It is 3 minutes and 48 seconds long, but most of it is filled with one synth loop repeated to no end. After 27-second intro, we get to hear the girls’ voices again only from 1:28 to 2:30, before another round of that synth loop takes over until 3:14, and then we get a series of “Hooo~ feeling true my world” line on repeat as the outro. That’s it.

Where does the 1-minute-32-second of awesomeness go? And i just stated that it was a ‘great’ song. Such structure makes it a for-performance dance track, not so much a song to listen to. I got bored the moment the seven-note rhythm is on its fifth cycle — and i lost count how many cycles there are. It is probably what happened when you have only composed the chorus and got into a creative block…

I’ll go for video ‘short’ version any day. It cuts all superfluous fillers and gives you the song’s best parts anyway.


The other two B-side tracks are Hold your hand and Ijiwaru na hello. The latter is the only track without any kind of video made for it (the former has a compilation of hands lyric video, albeit a dizzying one). Hold your hand grew on me after i watched Perfume “Cling Cling” World Special Event. Or the cute choreo did. It starts slow, the hook and verses are drawled, but then it transitions nicely into the much tuneful chorus. Followed by a series of catchy foot-tapping accented beats.

Ijiwaru na hello is Cling Cling’s most straightforward track. Alas, the oriental instruments used here ruin it — they are so shrill. Cling cling‘s are less invasive tho’ i prefer Ijiwaru na hello as a song.

All in all, Cling Cling is a nice single particularly because the tracks are enjoyable. For the most part.




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