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Still one and a half weeks until GUTS! is due, another one and a half months until Daremo shiranai‘s, and who knows how long until Shinigami-kun gets subbed, so till then i’ll simply revel in what’s available. Short version of the new single Nino played on his radio program, abridged live performance of the next single at Music Station, and snippet of the drama, respectively. I will have to wait till i listen to/watch the full versions of all three titles before i can chip my two cents in, so this is probably more like first impression(s)?


Two upcoming singles, not double A-side though, because two of the members are appearing on two concurrent yet different renzoku dramas. GUTS! is the theme song for Nino’s high school drama Yowakutemo Katemasu while Daremo shiranai is for Ohno’s fantasy drama Shinigami-kun, both currently airing.

As the title implies, Yowakate is about a certain underdog baseball club filled with members who love baseball but just suck at it. Nino plays the coach to this team he was once a part of and aims to win a game (and Koushien tournament too?) despite their shortcomings. Correct me if i’m wrong — that’s the impression i got from watching snatches of the first episode. I love the theme but could foresee what awaits at the end of line. On the other hand, Shinigami-kun‘s plot is more mysterious — based on available synopsis and all — and hence intriguing; plus, i love fantasy dramas (see: 49 Days) that i look forward to this drama more.

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Song-wise, however, i’m leaning towards GUTS! more. It has those cheering, positive, ganbaru feelings to it — the prevalent theme in Arashi’s catalogs. Add to it the catchy beat and dynamic rhythm. Daremo shiranai is more straightforward in its progression. There’s this sense of urgency in the chorus which creates an adrenaline rush. We’re in a rush, as reflected in the lyrics. The treatment the song’s getting reminds me of Monster while Ohno’s looking-up piercing stare at the end brought Naruse Ryo back to life i almost expected him to breathe, “Hideo… mitetekure.” lol. The choreo is also quite good —  i like the relay moves and love the arm-swing part as they sing “moyashi myakuutsu countdown.”

I can’t comment much on the drama as of now as i’m relying on subs, but i get a feeling the character and portrayal may be similar to that of Kaibutsu-kun — the quirkiness and all. But let’s see 😉




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