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Golden Rainbow: final thoughts

I got to this weekend series’ finale late but got around to this post even later no thanks to real-life. Disclaimer: I’m just weighing in on the drama and mostly rambling on… you’ve been warned.

Golden Rainbow ended its 41-episode run weeks ago. I don’t usually look forward to a drama’s finale because 1) i don’t want it to end, or 2) i’m wary it’ll be a letdown, but here i’m simply happy i can close the book and move on.  Sure, we’ve got a happy ending, but that’s not all that matters. The end certainly doesn’t justify the means. Well, it can make or break a show, but ofttimes the journey is more important than the destination. No matter how far i am into a series, when it gets unbearable to watch i can just drop it. That’s why i astonished myself that i went along with Golden Rainbow‘s ride till the very end.

It’s pretty crazy i tell you. It’s just… I can’t even… and I don’t know why.

I won’t say i ‘waste’ 41 hours on this because (even after countless replays on certain scenes) i didn’t. Halfway in, i put the fast-forward button to good use, skipping the (sub)plots i didn’t care about and could do without. The story was okay, but it was the fun and cute moments of the bickering/courtship that made the episodes flew by fast, and i started to reach for the button less and less… and then it free-fell. Quite grandly. Basically all the things i liked about the series sank, and they veered into the territory i initially appreciated them for NOT going… I don’t think this is coherent but whatever.

I was like WHY do you have to go there? When i loved you that you didn’t even think of looking towards that direction.

But i persisted. Particularly upon learning that the series will end at 40 instead of the original 50 episodes, i thought we’d zoom through the gloomy days. I was in for the Rainbow (family, romance) not for the Golden (Group, shares fight, backstabbing and other yawn-inducing company shenanigans). I waited for the drama to revert to be my bi-weekly doses of rainbow sprinkles and giddy moments but i never really got them back. It didn’t feel the same.

Not that it’s all smiles and whatnot, there are angst and tears too, but it began to shift the focus to the latter around episode 27 onwards. And only when it hit the mid-30s did i realize that the story ain’t going anywhere, stuck in the takeover ploys and relentless attempts to either one-up the others or bring them down. And no one’s backing down because they’ve gone-this-far-might-as-well-see-it-to-the-end my ass.

Our couple initially steered clear of the company drama but decided to enter the fray when the cat was out and Grandma got dethroned. Which also (one of the reasons that) caused them to go alongside each other, but not together. The feelings are reciprocated, but they can’t be together due to a third party even after reiterated promise(s) not to let anything get in their relationship. Do-young goes further by turning to the dark side and getting his hands dirty…to right the wrong. Yes, they turned noble idiots.

While i was pretty receptive of this change, i didn’t expect it to be the axis of the last quarter. Because then many things get pushed aside, if not forgotten — the makeshift family, pending case(s), finding maknae Young-won… Speaking of whom, he’s the reason why he/she/they do this and that, become this and that, but i honestly don’t think they search hard enough. Until he pops out of nowhere, fine and well-off of course, finds them in no time and serves as a sure-fire savior through the power of his ka-ching. Sooo predictable.

It’s predictable, but the last development was slow, long, and winding. Like how many shareholders meetings must they hold, how many rounds of voting must they cast, how many auctions must they bid for? Not to mention how many second chances does Chun-won get to redeem herself and how many times must Grandma fake her illness? Can’t they just have one of each and move on? It’s so upsetting and frustrating that (idk if it’s the writing or the acting or both, but) even Do-young visibly gets more and more jaded as we’re inching towards the finale.

So there comes the final week. I groaned, “Urggh, not again~” at the end of episode 39 and entered the final week with no end tunnel in sight. But since there’re only two episodes left, the crafted plan eventually delivers and things finally fall into place. The End? Nah, Iron Dad pulls one last stunt (still?? just give up already!!), stretching the characters and MY patience to the thinnest level possible. I had my reservations when he yielded a little too easily! I felt like throwing things at him. Then the show gave us this City Hunter-y face-off.

It’s damn obvious Do-young’s after a gun, i knew he’s gonna aim it at himself and plays Russian roulette to spook all staring eyes. But i didn’t expect him to be that stupid to actually shoot himself (MAJOR WHYYYY?!?!). I. Was. Stumped. And that came after the @&$^*@&!%#^ statement of Oh we’re not meant to be together in this lifetime, let’s try again in our next life. I love you even if i die…

He just butchered my love for The Vow by taking the lyrics at face value. Or… was i the one fallaciously taking it ‘metaphorically’? Either way, now i can’t listen to it the same way again. Gahh. I can get behind the needs for him to infiltrate the lion’s den, but can’t reason out why he did what he did here. Quoting the comment i read: it’s out of character.

Cut to: shocked faces, eyes bulged; he being rushed to the ER; he in the ward, Baek-won on the side begging him to open his eyes; he flatlines… Jump to three years later, we send the series off with an epilogue.

All in all, Golden Rainbow is not a bad, boring, unbearable-to-watch series. The first half was pretty good, before it turned angsty, sad, and overdramatic. It could’ve been a better drama should there were less noble idiocy and repetitively tedious plots, i.e. more family and less company stuff. Even then, i don’t see any standout character or act. They got such an adorable couple in cheeky Seo Do-young and feisty Kim Baek-won, i liked Grandma and Man-won too, but the last 12 episodes were just…

Well, the long awaited seven-colored arch does appear after the rain, but who expected the stormy weather to last so long that it only let me have a glimpse of the rainbow at the very end?

Rating: 3/5
Director: Kang Dae-Sun
Production: MBC, 2013-2014
Cast: UEE, Jung Il-woo, Cha Ye-ryun, Lee Jae-yoon, Kim Sang-joong, Do Ji-won, Park Won-suk, Jo Min-ki
Genre: Family, Drama, Romance, K-drama (41 Episodes)



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