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Olive Vine now [no longer] serving pasta fusion in Central Park Mall

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“Good food. Great taste. Value for money”

Just putting this out there to spread the word.

I first mentioned it in my “lost and (not) found” entry (written in Indonesian) and then touched on its expansion plan where i stated i’d see what the Jakarta’s outlet would have in store. So here it is!

Those in (or ever spent some time residing in) Singapore might be familiar with this eatery more. I used to patronize its “Western” food stall in Food Junction to cure my craving for a plateful of good and filling pasta and was willing to splurge and wait quite a bit for that. While serving speed and food presentation were never its forte, the great taste was what kept me coming back. Hence, its disappearance from the food court bummed me out, and after some searches i was anticipating my visit to its Marina Link branch. Suffice to say, excitement got the better of me. 

[then. top row: Creamy pesto(?), Spaghetti arrabiata @foodcourt; bottom row: Grilled fish alfredo, Fettuccine seafood in cream sauce(?) @MarinaLink]

Thanks to this recency error, i didn’t look forward to its Central Park Mall opening, though i decided to give it the benefit of the doubt when i (finally) found out that it was up and running. Locating this outlet was not easy breezy; we looked at every nook and cranny before spotting it — by chance — next to Ace Hardware’s side entrance. Not the best space, that spot. Unless you stop by Hoshi bakery or hang out at Kopi Luwak, it’s pretty hard to notice there’s an eatery there.

I was wary of its pricing, but mostly curious as to how it’d fare here — will pasta lovers dig it as much as i did? (Its Singapore outlet receives mixed reviews, but for me it is one of the top. To each his own when it comes to palate, really.)

My first and last visit was in December and February respectively and i am happy to note that the taste is way better than that of my Marina Link’s plate. The arrabiata still wasn’t the superb kind i’d had before, but was great nonetheless. They have also brushed up the plating skill — the dishes look damn appetizing now. That’s the upside. Downside is above average pricing and  service charge.

[now. Deep fried fish arrabiata 79K, Grilled fish aglio olio 79K, Spaghetti al fungi in cream sauce 59K, Brownie with vanilla ice cream 39K]

Price range provided by the vendor:
— Salads, Soups & Snacks Rp. 29.000,- to Rp. 59.000,-
— Western & Pasta Fusion Rp. 79.000,- to Rp. 89.000,-
— Drinks Rp. 11.000 to Rp. 34.000,-

Steep, aren’t they?

Well, you can get a plate of pasta from as ‘low’ as 59K to as high as 159K, categorized into red tomato, cream, and olive oil. They all taste omg-so-good — the sauce is generous, thick, and flavorful. Even the aglio olio is richly spiced. With combo you’ll get a slab of fried/grilled fish/chicken or beef steak at the side. I’ve only ordered pasta thus far, so that’s all i can vouch for now. Its coffee is okay but not special, but its Brownie with vanilla ice cream is yummahhh. Hot and cold melting in your mouth… mmhmm~

It claims to use no MSG (yet still manages to produce such taste? wew), the portion is on the medium-to-big side too, yet i still feel the price is too steep, and that is before 10% tax and 7.5% service charge. For comparison, pasta in other eateries with similar concept and surrounding is at 40~60K. Olive Vine Central Park is relatively newly opened but isn’t strategically located. The decor is nice and looks invitingly ‘expensive’, but with seemingly no opening promo*, or lack thereof, these factors are enough to deter people from dropping by.

“Good food” — yeees~
“Great taste” — absolutely!
“Value for money” — i don’t think so…

*) Ask and you shall receive?
(As of March 26, 2014) it currently has a 50% off deal going on on Go snatch it while it lasts. Always read their T&C though — so you know
exactly what you’re paying for.



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