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hachi hachi bistro; sushi n whatever

My go-to eatery for sushi fix where the other menus are just that: whatever.

Every time i dine there to cure my cravings for palatable and affordable fusion sushi, i told myself to review it later on. However, after all the snapping and dish savoring, i sort of experience short-term memory loss. Days turn to months and years since, and a review of which remains a forethought…

…and by now i’ve forgotten most of the things i wanted to write about. Whoops!

DSC_0149 DSC00449

hachi hachi’s sushi is largely the fusion kind. I’d spend some time riffling through its roll selections, re-reading their unique names and elaborate descriptions, deliberating much on what to order. Even after numerous visits, i still get confused on which ones i’d chosen before and unwittingly order the same kind twice o.O  I don’t think i have that bad of a memory, but when there are only so many ingredients to be made into a slew of rolls, they end up looking and giving off similar flavor. Well, maybe each of them should taste differently (despite similar core combination), but since i am no gourmet… it’s my excuse.

When it comes to sushi, i’d like the filling or topping raw, especially salmon or tuna. I like unagi (freshwater eel) or sashimi too, if only the price of these dishes isn’t so damaging… Amongst the bistro’s few sushi spread with raw fish on or in it, Fresh Roll tops it all. At 43K*, it comes with six slices of perhaps the biggest, meatiest, and most appetizing sushi roll ever. Inside are generous chunks of tuna, salmon, crab stick, tamago (egg), etc. Just look at the picture — and its mouthful size — and try not to drool. Delicioso~

In many rolls, sushi rice is wrapped around crab stick or snow crab, with thin slice of fish or unagi placed on top. But in Devil tuna roll (38K), the fresh tuna is the center, topped with tobiko and kohjujang (you mean gochujang?) sauce. Sans the sauce, it is a nice tuna roll. Prefer salmon topping? Salmon tower maki (43K) wherein the sushi’s skewered like satay and served in two-tower form is delish. There are also fancier and more intriguing selections like Sushi pizza (39K) which has the round sushi rice deep fried and like a pizza should is covered with melted mozzarella cheese. Sounds good on paper and is drool-inducing in sight but… it’s not sushi. 

While you can find cheaper sushi rolls elsewhere, 30~43K++ for 6~8 pieces per portion with great taste and cozy ambiance is a steal. Seriously, what’s not to love about this place?

[sushi galore: Orange roll 43K, Hachiban maki & Rainbow roll 43K, Spicy dynamite roll 39K & Salmon power maki 42K, Baked salmon roll 43K]

It does have other options, if you’re not a sushi person, which range from ramen to udon to don to steak & grill. The price is also reasonable, but the taste doesn’t cut it. The ramen or even the most common chicken katsu don aren’t to my liking. The deep fried stuff is not bad, though the grilled ones are insipid and too dry thus tough to chew. If rice is a must, Bistro rice or Yakiniku beef & fish katsu/chicken kaarage (both 47K) could go no wrong. The yakiniku beef is tender and well-marinated.

It’d really great were hachi hachi a great one-stop Japanese food eatery. It isn’t something that can’t be changed or improved, though, but for now, i’m there for the sushi — and elsewhere to get my ramen- or rice bowl-fix. That said, i still try out other dishes, hoping to find hidden gems and voila! Yummy yaki udon — NOT yakisoba — i find you~ It’s so spicy it’s good. It comes close to Poké Sushi‘s yet at half its price point (Poké’s Fried udon special 89K vs. hachi hachi’s Spicy seafood yaki udon 45K). To its defense, Poké does have ongoing monthly card promotion, offering 20~50% discount.

For the record, hot ocha is tagged at 10K. Upside: the mug is huuuge. Downside: took up space, non-refillable *boo~*  Yes, size is another thing, but for a single serving of plain tea, 10K is inarguably overpriced — one-third of a main course’s price! Does it kill you to have the staff tour the outlet and refill the glasses? When another 5% added to our bill goes for service charge? Oh well…

[Bistro rice, Yakiniku beef & chicken kaarage 47K, Spicy seafood yaki udon 45K, Yakiniku yakisoba 39K]

The bistro is located in Mall Taman Anggrek and Central Park Mall, which may not really help if you are not residing or working around the area since the two stand opposite each other.

*) p.s.
went there for dinner today and found out that the price’s gone up by 4K for nearly all items but nigirizushi. This is why i’m unkeen on listing the charges because it’s time-consuming restaurateurs like hiking the tags arbitrarily… *groan*

Fuller list of its menus and (old) prices? Head to



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