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You from Another Star: final thoughts

[I intended to post this yesterday, thus the time reference. Spoilers ahead, obviously…]

So… it’s over. You from Another Star ended its 21-episode run this week — yesterday night to be exact. I watched the last record hours ago, but it still leaves me hanging. I’m unsure how to react to the ending… my first thought was “It’s the end? That’s it?” Or to copy Secret Garden‘s Joo-won’s pet phrase question: “Is that the best you can do? Are you sure?”

Sure, it ends on a happy note — our couple’s smiling, together, and alive. But are we completely satisfied with the denouement? I’m not the only one who isn’t really. This is definitely a case where the end doesn’t justify the means. Getting our wish granted doesn’t mean we’d be contented with whichever way we get there. Yes, this is a rom-com show, with serial killer and sci-fi in the mixture, and nobody wants a non-happy-ending closure…

ufrmstar_01 ufrmstar_02

While i don’t think the extension affected the finale in any way, the show ended up spending too much time on the romance and less on addressing the burning questions viewers must/might’ve had. Hence, the last stretch was a drag, especially the last four episodes. Not every loose ends must be tied, but at least they should have had the fundamentals covered. Since this show is centered around our alien guy, i’d love to know how things work on his planet.

There’s no such thing as family or friends, so what is he exactly? The sense of time is different, so how long is his lifespan? How different it is that even after 400 years inhabiting earth he doesn’t show signs of aging? Is he immortal? Is there any other alien roaming on earth? What’s with no mixing blood and saliva with humans rule? (it tackled saliva but never blood) Was he okay after that flash-y kiss? And most importantly, how did he beat time and space to materialize back ‘home’? (he’s waited four centuries for his spaceship so he can return to where he came from, and now he can just magically blip in and out, arbitrarily? No repercussions?) are some of the questions i’d love to have answers to.

In the end, Song-yi and Min-joon are all on cherishing the moments they have now than worrying about the ‘future’. A beautiful message i can get behind. Plus, they’re in the moment, together; not the reincarnation or together-in-spirit kind of ending (a la Rooftop Prince or Gu Family Book) many people feared the show might’ve pulled off. Its was likened to that of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Time Traveler’s Wife, but when we get our desired happy ending, all is well right?

ufrmstar_03 ufrmstar_04

All in all, You from Another Star is a great drama that lives up to expectation and the hype. Brought to life by great ensemble cast and amazing chemistry from the leads. Another great thing to note about this drama is that there is no noticeable meandering plots, few superfluous subplots, and nothing made me want to tear my hair out — not even Jae-kyung. He is evil and twisted and one-dimensional, but also interesting to follow and well-acted. I didn’t mind him or his shenanigans because, aforementioned, his schemes did thicken the plot and catapult our leads into each other’s arms. If anything, he was just on the loose for a bit too long.

Then there’s the typical overly kind, patient, undemanding second lead in Hwi-kyung. He wears his heart on his sleeve but thankfully i didn’t fall into second-lead syndrome since the main couple leaves no room for his feelings. Alas. I’m also happy that we’re not getting noona romance (vibe) here — Kim Soo-hyun is younger than Jeon Ji-hyun in real life, but Do Min-joon is at least 378 years Cheon Song-yi’s senior in the story. And then we have Lawyer Jang… who’s probably the most supportive and comforting sidekick ever. He exudes warmth and lights up every frame he’s on; if only he’s given more screentime…

It’s a great drama, though it didn’t make it to my all-time favorites series. I like it more with my head than with my heart, so to speak. It was good on paper but didn’t hold me spellbound through and through. (Which is also the case with dramas like I Hear Your Voice, btw.) I started off liking the Joseon time more than the present (Kim Soo-hyun looks so good in Joseon garbs), then the story picks up and i totally forgot about it, but my enthusiasm fizzled out when it naturally began zeroing in on romance aspect above all things. It’s a great drama, nonetheless.


Enough with my two cents on the drama, let’s revel in its best moments by rewatching it, putting its OSTs on repeat, or enjoying its official MVs. I wrote about Hyorin’s Hello, goodbye, how about another tender ballad crooned by Ballad King Sung Si-kyung? His voice is velvety and soothing, and who can resist this soulful track composed by the singer himself?

Rating: 4/5
Director: Jang Tae-yoo
Production: SBS, 2013~2014
Cast: Jeon Ji-hyun, Kim Soo-hyun, Park Hae-jin, Yoo Inna, Kim Chang-wan, Shin Sung-rok
Genre: Romantic comedy, Mystery, Fantasy/Science fiction, K-drama (21 Episodes)

~ stills captured from the official music videos at 1theK ~



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2 thoughts on “You from Another Star: final thoughts

  1. I loved this drama! But I do agree on the questions that were left hanging especially about Do Min-joon’s alien life. But I guess the writer did not want to dwell on those as perhaps she didn’t know how to explain too? lol besides there are some things in this life we are not meant to understand… like the vast universe hahaha


    1. That’s possible. But drama is drama, fictional and all, and i expected the writer to come up with something — anything — that explains how it works. I’d also love to see Min-joon interacting with fellow aliens and probably brainstorming the way back to earth. “I tried multiple times and succeeded” sounds lazy and easy. Still, it’s a great watch. Time to search for another good drama to follow 😉


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