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Jugeodo saranghamnidaaa~~

Wew, a powerful assertion there. Don’t you think so?

I don’t speak the language. In fact, that line is the only snatch of the song intelligible to me. However, if you watch enough K-dramas or look up the lyrics of those K-pop songs on your music player, you’re sure to pick up simple phrases here and there like this.

The vow is the drama OST for Golden Rainbow, a melo family weekend series with Jung Il-woo and UEE as the leads. I stumbled upon this song by chance since i don’t follow that drama. When even regular 10~11-episode J-dorama or 16~20-episode K-drama could bore me, i don’t think i’ll have the patience to sit through 50-episode (is it 40 now?) show full of drama and makjang materials. I did try watching several episodes, fast-forwarding to the fun stuff… boy it gets tiring after a while. The scenes where the leads share the screen are cute and replay-worthy, yet to constantly skip the other parts in search for their next scene together is somewhat a buzzkill. It ain’t fun watching a drama that way though i might continue doing so till the end.

Back to the song: at first it sounds just like any other ballad with heart-tugging lyrics, sweeping tunes, and big chorus every drama has. What spurred me to click on the MV when it crossed my sight was the singer, ALi. I recognized the name as the powerful soaring vocal behind Rooftop Prince‘s impassioned track, Hurt. My reaction went from “umm, okay” to “the chorus is not bad” to “wew” by the time it hits the bridge:

“Saranghaneun geudaewa gachi neulgeo galsu itdamyeon
Hamkke babeul haemeokgo geu pume jamdeulsu itdamyeon
Sarangeun juneungeonikka apado juneungeonikka
Geudaereul saranghamnida jugeodo saranghamnida”

(For full lyrics and English translation, go here. Or turn captions on to view English lyrics on the video embedded above.)

I’m sold right then and there. To be more precise, it’s the moment she belts out the last two words at such intensity. Each line, every breath is crescendoing toward that point. Best part of the song, can’t get enough of it!

As the title implies, The vow is about an unswerving  love pledge. Not the vapid “I’ll love only you till I die” (which is also present here) or the possessive/desperado “Can’t let you go even if I die”, it is “I love you even if I die.” Imagine someone dedicating this song to you, which might either swoon or creep you out. But wait, that’s not even the ‘end’ yet. The pledge to love only that one person goes beyond the last breath, onto (to those who believe it) the next life. For ever…

A beautiful song wrapped around heartfelt lyrics and led by strong vocal, hands down. The only downside is that it comes off as a stirring sad song… when it ain’t really so? Let’s not be nitpick here!

More than the chorus, i find myself humming the bridge at random times.



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