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You from Another Star: two weeks to go!

[This post can be spoilery. You may want to skip this if you have not watched the drama up to episode 17.]

So, i’ve been wondering if You from Another Star‘s one-episode evening out extension is confirmed ever since i learned that episode 14 was preempted to the following week due to Lunar New Year end of January. Will there be episode 21, a special, or nothing at all? Last thing i read was the team considering the possibility of an extension, and now that we are three episodes away from the supposed final, a confirmation should be out, no? I didn’t miss it, did i?

I was ready to just wait and see… turns out i don’t have to. It’ll end on episode 21 indeed. Well, i bet we all saw it coming — it is a good show AND enjoys high rating — and i’ll end up second-guessing which part is added in to fill the extra hour. I’d prefer a special, tho’ — extensions rarely do dramas good. I can only hope that they’d come up with decent plot for that because i feel that it’s already in the works. No matter what, episode 14 is an offbeat — the pace, the use of flashbacks, the progression, and even the epilogue is unlike the installments before or after it. Flashbacks have been consulted effectively throughout the series, but never the countdown style a la I Hear Your Voice‘s penultimate episode.

It was disconcertingly engrossing then — it’s the final stretch and somebody’s life was at stakes. Here, the tension was not really there. It was dilly dallying too much i waited impatiently for the show to resume the present. Granted, it was the closest Jae-kyung gets to lay a finger on Song-yi, but we and Min-joon saw that she’s out of harm’s way soon after. I don’t care about what (initially) unfolds off-screen. Not every intervening little detail must be fleshed out. Bring us back to the rooftop face-off already! Alas, around half the episode was wasted on superfluous stuff and needless replays before we got back to that scene. The pace was noticeably slower, too. It was the most tedious episode. I know it might be too early for the extension to happen right there and then, but can’t un-think of its oddity.

Anyway, by now the ball starts rolling faster and it has entered the angst phase. (I teared up a couple times during this week’s seventeenth record. I feel them…) With four more episodes to go, i hope it’ll be case closed soon. While the villainy does help move the story forward, i’d rather watch more of the other things. More screen time for dad, Yoon-jae, or Lawyer Jang would be much appreciated. Especially more of Lawyer Jang and Min-joon, please. They’ve had 30 years of friendship under their belt and each interaction they’ve shown us is fleeting yet adorable. Romance isn’t everything; friendship matters too!

Now that i think of it… it dawns on me that it’ll end in two weeks! Nooo~



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