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“Eodi inneunji? Naemam aneunji? Bogo sipeunde…”


“Sarangi wanneunde geudaen tteonandae
Gidaryeonneunde deo bol suga eopdae
Neul babocheoreom heureuneun nunmuri malhae
Annyeong ijen goodbye”

Like how i learn more about Korean entertainers through Running Man variety shows, or actors/actresses and cultural references through dramas/movies, i am exposed to singers and songs through… yup, OSTs. My current favorite is a song from the hit drama You from Another Star sung by SISTAR’s Hyorin, 안녕 (which can mean ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ — i bet we all know this — and i’ve seen some refer to this song as the former, the latter, or “Hello, goodbye”).

I always feel the thrill whenever a drama i love is backed by keeper OSTs. When even the scores are equally nifty, i am then a thoroughly happy camper. So yeah, as if it wasn’t clear enough, i am currently following You from Another Star* led by Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun. Not an instant love, but i was wholly sold by episode 4 or 5 — and it only gets better by the episode. And oh the epilogue~ That said, i am not crazy about the other songs, then halfway through hilarity and mystery comes this bittersweet number. Light fuzzy beat crooned tenderly… SO. GOOD!

It sounds simple but actually is difficult to sing with all those falsettos *eargasm* I am still hung up on Master’s Sun^ OST, including the mellower and more strenuous Driving me crazy of hers which also employs lots of falsettos (her forte?), and Hello, goodbye eclipses all to become my new fave. It’s been a week or so and i still find myself putting it on repeat and listening to it all day.

*) this drama has many alternate English titles, but i go with You from Another Star to match dramabeans xp
^) a review/commentary of which may come up next, fingers crossed!



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