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[MV] Kau harus bahagia – Sammy Simorangkir

Without Kerispatih, Sammy is still going strong.

Which is a great thing since i love his voice so much. He also sounds amazing live, albeit his propensity to go overboard with the runs. He also seems to be doing fine and steadily releases hit singles in the past two years, something not every frontman going solo can achieve. It’s their loss, really.

That said, i wasn’t impressed by his first two singles as a soloist, Sedang apa dan di mana and Kesedihanku. The songs are not bad, but super-slow and overly-melo kind is a mood-killer. Dia and now Kau harus bahagia are still in the slow tempo zone and do not sound that different from the first two though they come off more favorably thanks to the prettier melody, stronger hook, and less depressing tone.

Neither are they that far off from those recorded when he was still with the band in terms of music style, overall sound and feel. This is interesting to note since he allegedly didn’t have much rooms to express his artistry as a musician then, which he shared when guested on Sarah Sechan. The similarities is not without grounds; public has known and liked him belting stirring power ballads, might as well go after that established market. At the end of the day, he sings for a living — hence a trade-off between ideology/ego and what sells. But I digress.

Back to the song… Aforementioned, it offers nothing new and stays well within his comfort zone. However, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For him who has big soulful voice with character, hits the highs and lows effortlessly, and does trills like nobody’s business, this genre is his forte. No need for intricate background music since it’s his voice that carries the song.

The song itself, as the title implies (“You must be happy”), is about grand gesture of love, bigheartedly letting go of one’s love to be with someone else as long as happiness is ensured. Employing the usual mini-story concept, the music video portrays this self-sacrifice theme well… through yet another eternal separation. Why does he — and Kerispatih then — like dying motif so much?? Or sad endings, or one that yunno leads to last minute major hearbreak (except Dia, obviously). Like, seriously?

A minor gripe, the above point. How can I beef so much when both the song and MV are good? The latter is well-made, has a plot, and complements the song. What else do you expect from a single?



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