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Malkist seaweed… yum!

This is an utterly random post but it is seriously that good.

I don’t usually snack, but i’ve been keeping this in stock for my mid-afternoon nibbling. As and when i need it.

That’s it.


Well, it’s the latest addition/variant to malkist crackers line — Khong Guan’s, not Roma’s. I like the original sugar-coated crackers, and never try the other variants like the abon (meat floss) one because sometimes ‘fancy’ flavors don’t really do the biscuits any good. I initially had reservations about the seaweed flavor but grabbed a packet anyway. And voila!

DSC_0205 DSC_0204

It is lightly coated in sugar and is generously sprinkled with seaweed powder; it’s a mix of sweet, salty, crispy, and seaweed-y 😉
For those who avoid seaweed due to hints of fishiness, it’s safe to say that malkist seaweed doesn’t have it.

Price: it retails at 5~6K, depending on where you buy it of course, for dunno how many pieces — never count it, 20? Not bad, huh?

Word of advice: this may lead to overeating. Makan satu susah berenti!



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