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Jangan gila: the best of BCL?

“Apa-pa sih maumu? Susah amat tinggal bilang ABCDEFJ and blablablablahh…
Jangan gila, jangan gila sayang — nanti kau menyesal~
Kira kira, kalau marah sayang — nanti kau menyesal~”

Somewhat wrong yet so catchy!

Latest single from BCL! Although the music video was out for a while now — back in August last year! And i just knew about it like a couple weeks ago?? Unacceptable!

Well, i fess up to not following local music for quite some time now — have not really watched much TV either lately — since the singles released in the past year or so, even from those whom i generally like, did not tickle my fancy. I know little of the current charts though am still listening to Indo songs — those played on the radio, that is. (Radio and news portal — my source of edutainment.) I swear i must’ve heard this song before, but not until it’s repeatedly played on a certain online radio (amidst strings of Raisa’s) did i really take notice of it and then look it up.

I like nearly all of BCL’s singles, and her first two albums are pretty good, really. Hence, the moment i picked up that it’s her newest song, that alone perked me up. Not a fan of local’s MV, but Jangan gila‘s is pretty good. This finds BCL and Reuben Hadju reprise their 2007’s film Kangen pairing. The chemistry is better here than then. Interestingly, Jangan gila is about a moody boyfriend who often acts up wherein the girl is kinda fed up with it/him. Yet you can feel the push-pull, and BCL delivers the lines with the perfect tone — there’s sass, vexation, and tease. Nice~!

I am this close of calling it something she’s never done before, then i remember her previous ubiquitous hit single Pernah muda. The overall feeling and tune are similar: relaxed, swingy jam with punchy content. The lyrics are simple and colloquial thus easy to regurgitate and perfect for singalong; the beat is super catchy it’ll stick to your brain upon first listen like stubborn glue 😎 It’ll surely become a hit, if it hasn’t already.

This song is one of two new songs added to round up her The Best of album. She’s been in the music industry since 2005 and released two albums and around twenty singles since then, yet to release a “Best of” album, isn’t it a bit too early? Next question is, the “best” is according to who and what? Granted, it includes hits from Cinta pertama (Sunny) to her sweeping theme song of her box office film Habibie & Ainun, Cinta sejati (translation: from “first love” to “true love”). Everything’s covered, it seems? I am pleasantly surprised that Kecewa is in it too — it wasn’t promoted as a single, was it? — although to miss out Saat kau pergi is… baffling. That was her breakout song! It still sounds so good after all these years… Or is it just me?

Amongst many actors/actresses venturing into singing, BCL is definitely one of the best and most successful. She’s also one of my faves. So much so that i like her singing more than her acting, although i still watch all of her films. Besides, she has a good vocal. Not only does she has a distinct tone but also a nice timbre. Her songs aren’t the big and difficult kind that’s embellished with complex technique; hers are packed with feels and emotions. Despite running from slow to mid-tempo, they are easy listening.

Predictably, her other new song, 3 salahmu, rings familiar — simple, low-key tune in which she croons her pleasingly breathy voice softly through and through. Though titled “your three mistakes” it is a smitten love track. It is interesting to note how her recent singles are all about happy love (e.g. Pernah muda, Karena kucinta kau), whereas her early releases are doleful (e.g. Cinta pertama, Aku tak mau sendiri).

There isn’t much to say about the album since it consists of past singles and three duets (Aku dan dirimu with Ari Lasso, Hot with Intan Ayu, and Tetaplah di hatiku with Christian Bautista), which are mostly great and still enjoyable to listen to. Thanks to the sheer number of songs penned by Dewiq. Every singer would love to work with her, and she has consistently written/composed good tracks for BCL. This includes the stirring Jangan salahkan dia, which i frankly never heard of prior to this album.

That said, i don’t dig Hot. The duet and execution did not give life to the song it ends up flat. Nevertheless, Dewiq-Pay’s works rarely disappoint — the poppish ones, that is. The husband-wife duo is my favorite songwriter/composer alongside the great Melly Goeslaw-Anto Hoed, the hitmaker(s) behind Cinta sejati and many other OSTs.

Back to The Best of, if you’re new to BCL songs or are looking to get a compilation copy of her songs to date, it is an album to keep. Otherwise, dig through your music library and create your own playlist of your top tracks of hers. Mine has Saat kau pergi, Terpanah asmara, Someone like you, and Tentang kamu in it.



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