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[MV] Everybody – SHINee

What a hot mess.

Problem is, i’m not completely sure whether i mean it in a good or bad way; it is more of a combination of both. The choreo is hands down the best element of Everybody. It is ah-mazing! It might be the best dance routine ever in terms of intensity and epicness. I love the relayed/propelled moves, those jittery/coil-spring-esque bounces, or that crazily-fast arm spins Onew is in charge of during the peak of the bridge’s dance break. Simply put, I was held spellbound throughout the MV.

The MV itself is not bad — i in fact liked it, most likely thanks to the riveting choreo — despite being yet another dance-in-the-box, which would surely receive honorable mentions in the comment sections. I don’t understand why people dislike such MVs so much, or invariably blame SM for it. I’ve seen countless non-SM MVs which also use this ‘uninspiring’ concept. And if i may, SM is thoroughly capable of producing cool, at times glaring, settings — box be damned.

While i can gushes endlessly about the two points above, the same can’t be said for the song. I find myself clicking the replay — or refresh button as it increases view (people can be so particular sometimes; what about those who don’t have internet capacity for that?) sigh — button the moment the video ends but i don’t think i can enjoy listening to the song on its song. Too much is going there on for my liking. I already warmed up to the song upon repeated viewings, but i still don’t think it is a keep without the visuals. (The military outfits suit them well but hell no to the heavy smoky-eyes. Come on, they’re males! Easy on the eye makeup please~)ย Its chorus line of “e~verybody, e~verybody, every-everybody” is catchy enough, but is not as memorable as the choreo.

With this, i’m back to the choreo. ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, some parts of it resemble DBSK’s power-up Catch meย (the dubstep much?) while its robotic/propelled moves remind me of that nutcracker toy with a screw attached to its body. Minho would re-energize the members as if to keep their energy pumped; it’s theatrical but also a show — SHINee comes to live the moment the cable is plugged into the power socket, and ends with the members cutting themselves off the source. The result is powerful, breathtaking, chills-inducing,ย explosive routine. Can’t get enough of it!



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