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The “IT” Performance


I know it’s been several days since VMA 2013 was held. You might have watched the full show, and must have read countless reports on a couple highly buzzed performances for two polarizing reasons. So why do i bring this up just now? One of the main reasons is because i couldn’t find the said video with decent viewing quality when the news went viral. Now that I’ve found it — the best i could find thus far* — let’s talk about it! 😉

Since explaining what the context was all about is completely redundant, i’ll go straight to the point instead. I didn’t watch the show; if i had, I’m sure my reaction would’ve mirrored Taylor Swift’s. I was super thrilled just by watching the performance cuts.

Justin Timberlake took center stage for fifteen and a half minutes that night, delivering his singles in medley which looks more of a show than a performance. There was more dancing than (backtracked) singing. The true highlight, however, is the moment he was joined by four shadowy figures emerging before blinding back-/floor-lights. It was a magical moment right there, which brought me back to my pre-teen self (did i just reveal my age? o.O). It felt unworldly and i fell in love with the group, and their songs, all over again.

I never liked Girlfriend, but the bridge is hella good. And then of course they would sing Bye bye bye, sadly the chorus part only. They still got the move! 😀 And then it was over (to which the minions would go, “Whaaa~t?!”). It would have been more bombastic had *NSYNC ‘reunited’ at the end of JT’s performance, the zealous cheers could have been endless, but of course he would sing his latest hit single Mirrors last. (It’s a great song, though i’ve started to grow tired of it due to the insane frequency it’s played on the radio.) Still… why was the reunion so short??

End note: THAT would be the performance to remember.

*) Update: “the video has been removed by the user.” orz
I jumped with joy upon spotting this nearest-to-HQ video i could find on youtube and composed this entry around 20 hours ago and now it’s no longer available. That’s the thing about embedding other’s media, you won’t know how long it’ll be up ;( Anyway, I decided not to replace the link — can do without it, can’t we? — until i find a decent alternative.



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