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No, this isn’t an expression of surprise or exclamation of annoyance. It’s food I’m referring to, an eatery you might have heard of, tried, or have fallen in love with. Yup, I’m gonna discuss the hip Holycow! Steakhouse here. Not to be confused with the other Holycow! – rumor has it that they’re one split into two; somewhat the same but different. Didn’t know of this before, doesn’t bother me much afterwards either.

The thing is, you gotta be specific which one you’re talking about – Holycow! Steakhouse with the red logo or Steak Hotel by Holycow! with blank ink? The one owned by Wynda Mardio or by Lucy Wiryono/Chef Afit? Or you can state the outlet location to make things easier – because besides flaunting the same brand name, the two also use the exact font-style for “Holycow!”. This can be really confusing for food-hunters out there.

Anyway, I’m not a steak person, so while I know there are many steakhouses in town like Abuba, B’steak, and Gowagyu, I won’t budge. But the rave reviews (of its Senopati branch – CAMP, they call it), regular mentions by neighbors and acquaintances, and seeing how pretty full the parking lot is (every time I pass its Kebon Jeruk CAMP) got me going. That’s usually what spur me to try new eateries. After numerous stallings over the months, I finally pulled over yesterday evening.


It is located in Arteri/Jalan Panjang area, before the (second) gas station if you’re coming from RCTI. The parking lot is quite spacious, but found out that the see-through outlet was three-quarter full. Humble setting with tables and chairs crammed close to one another. Only after we’re seated on the far left did we realize the dining area is only a third~quarter the size of its parking space. They should’ve divided them more proportionally to accommodate more diners… We came in at 6:30pm and it reached full house shortly afterwards. Did I mention it was on Wednesday evening?

Onto the menu, it offers US, wagyu, and Australian beef selections. In case you’re unfamiliar with beef parts yet feel it’s too dumb to ask for explanation, the back side of the menu educates you on that AND saves your face. Phew~ The price ranges from 87K to well above 200K per steak (before tax and service charge) mostly served at 200gr though 400gr big bites portion (options limited) is available to satisfy your hungrier tummy. Refillable hot/cold tea is tagged at 16K.

DSC_0096 DSC_0097
[Left: rib-eye BIG BITES 400gr (122K) | Right: sirloin young beef 200gr (87K)]

Upon ordering, we’re asked preferred doneness level, french fries or mashed potato, then sauce of choice. They have homemade mushroom, blackpepper, barbecue, w sauce (herbs) and buddy’s sauce (cream with chopped basil). It didn’t take long for our orders to come out, considering the number of patrons that was in house. The slightly charred meat is served on a white plate instead of hot plate, sauce in separate container. I thought the point of asking that is for the sauce to be marinated on the meat chunk while it’s grilled or be poured over it upon serving. Can we get all sauces, then?

The fries is crispy; the vegetables and steak itself are insipid. We ordered well-done sirloin and medium-well rib-eye and both came out with pinkish center they seem more like medium. This is what worries me about doneness level because regardless, somehow they can’t get it right. The sirloin was tender while the rib-eye was tough to chew. I kinda expected the mushroom sauce to be more brownish but it looks and tastes more like mushroom soup that, for me, doesn’t go well with the steak. The barbecue sauce is a better fit.

Truth be told, there’s nothing special with the food. The price range is normal I guess for a steak, although I’ve read people label it ‘affordable’ and even ‘cheap’. So, will I come back? Most likely no.


Oh, they have this ongoing promotion for birthday person gets free steak, for which the one needs to don a risible crown (embarrassing, no?), and another one for mom-to-be (free drink?).



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