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Finally! A pleasant encounter with service

Hauls. Have seen people do that and post it up – makeup, beauty, fashion, whatever haul is possible out there. While I view it as an unnecessary squandering spurred mostly by impulse, at times I find myself envying them and wish I’d too have unlimited resources to go and have one myself. It’s not that I can’t afford it per se, but I’d invariably feel guilty waring on items even when they’re on sale.

It certainly helps that I never feel a need or an urge to wear branded goods or trendy apparels. Fashion statement? I don’t get that at all. Call me unfashionable or simple-minded, I can live with that.

Clothes are probably an outerwear we have the highest quantity of, yet I have no overflowing wardrobe. An item I’d buy most frequently is shoes/sandals as they wear out the fastest. Other than that — shameful confession? — I still don tops and bottoms I’ve had for years as long as they’re still in good, wearable condition. “Don’t need it? Don’t buy it” is definitely my philosophy when it comes to things I need or just want. I’m more willing to splurge on F&B (once in a while) than on any other material thing. Yes, I’m very frugal to the point of being stingy – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, hauls. When I shop, I never buy more than a couple (max. three) pieces at a time. Retrospecting, the first haul I’ve ever had was probably on the makeup basics I equipped myself 6 years ago. The second (mini) haul took place when I went to Lotte Shopping Avenue for the second time over the weekend…

…just to explore UNIQLO. The only store in Jakarta (so far) had been so crowded I’d just skimmed through the displays the first time around. Majority of its items fall under 149, 199 and 249K categories, which isn’t bad for a store its scale. Plus, the fabric is of good quality that feels nice on skin. It wasn’t a shopping-spree though I did go a bit overboard with the picking I ended up checking out half dozen tops (which includes bra-top* dress,  blouse, and cardigan) after letting go of several other want-items. Fashion upgrade! xp

The total damage cost didn’t reach a million, not much considering it is once in a long while kind of spending. We also received a deck of playing card, which is given to purchases above 500K. A super pleasant shopping experience^ was the cherry on top. We received high-spirited, smiley “Welcome to UNIQLO!” greeting (almost) whenever we ran into a staff roaming the area, even minutes after we entered the store. We were even thanked upon exiting the fitting room! Aside from being hard to spot since they aren’t in uniform, they are assistive if you ask for help and look alert, active, and positive with what they’re doing. Two thumbs up! We’re happy customers 😀

In case the experience recounted above hasn’t dawned on you yet, that shows that providing, delivering great service is possible; leaving your shitty day and mood behind the door is doable; and treating customers with pleasant attitude and respect is not that hard to do. To UNIQLO team and management: please maintain the high standards. And to customer-oriented service-providing brands/businesses out there: do look into UNIQLO Lotte Shopping Avenue’s presentation and see what you can do to (improve) your SOPs and/or service quality.

*) Bra top is woman’s top-wear with bra padding or the entire stretch-type bandeau sewn inside the garment. This is a new concept for me — first came across a polo shirt with padded front from MUJI — and can be a bit ‘tricky’ to wear or try on.

^) The downside(s): my phone somehow got no signal inside the store, and the obvious difficulty in restraining self NOT to go crazy over the nice and pretty selections. Duh.



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