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So close yet so far

If you’re an avid Arashi’s fan or following Japanese entertainment news in general, you must’ve known/read articles about NazoDi’s main cast and director holding a world premiere event in Singapore for the latest addition in Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de’s franchise, a movie this time, last weekend.

This will NOT be about the event or the movie itself, in case you’ve grown tired of reading about it already by now, because: 1) I’m not a fan of the series to begin with (have yet to finish watching the SP), 2) I didn’t attend the event, and 3) I read not enough articles or reports on it to give a summary or view of any sort.

Instead, here I’m merely venting out how close I was to be able to actually see the cast — Mr. Nadegata in particular — with my very own eyes. Of all time and places, I happened to be in The Little Red Dot at that time, for an unwished-for turn of events, on an open ticket. I heard that the movie would premiere on July 27th, attended by the cast when I was there, but didn’t read further updates until I left. Plus, I stayed around the area of The Raffles Hotel he stayed in (didn’t he?)… *evil thought* Which is quite a bummer. Had I been able to, it would’ve been another “there’s a positive to a negative” and “everything happens for a reason” moment. An uber memorable one, I must add. Deep sigh…

It was regrettable indeed, but I wasn’t upset or anything. I wasn’t there on holiday, so even if I’d gotten updates on his arrival and stuff, I’m not sure if I would’ve gone ahead and waited at the airport or stalked the hotel or gotten myself a movie ticket. Arashi is one of my favorite artists/idols. I adore ‘em as individuals, I revere ‘em as a group. Arashi is public figure whose concerts I actually wish to attend, whose variety shows I wish to sit in on, and whom I’d love to meet in person – although if that ever happens, idk what I’ll say to them or whether we’d be able to communicate.

I’ve seen several celebs in public places before and while my heart would skip a beat and I’d inwardly say, “Ah, it’s so-and-so!” and steal several surreptitious glances I did nothing (recognize and greet them, ask for photos/signature, etc). But duh, this is Arashi!! (or any of the members). To be able to see them in person outside Japan and essentially this close to is… not an exaggeration to state something along the lines of “Omg! Is this even real!?” hysteria.

From the spazzing fan-reports I read, many stated that it’s the first time for them too – e.g. to wait for a celeb’s arrival at the airport, to attend a red carpet event, to watch a movie premiere – because it’s (about) an Arashi member and once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s on the line. Nevertheless, there seems to be too much hassle in doing all that because 1) first and second activity demands hours and hours of waiting with little confirmation and I hate waiting and tardiness the most, 2) third one… asks for extra $$$, doesn’t it? dunno, not sure, 3) I’ve watched copious occasions wherein overzealous fans got hysterical when unable to spot the celeb or decoyed at the airport, some of ‘em passed out from the combination of strenuous waiting and dehydration. For me, that’s an exaggeration. I get the zeal, and it’s not like they fainted on purpose (what for??), but I don’t think we have to go to that extent for a celeb we idolize.

Don’t I want to see ‘em, then? If that’s at all possible, hell yes! I have my ichiban and sides of a fangirl too! I follow available updates and such but don’t actively look for them; I devour whatever falls to my line of sight. It’s by no means stalking (I don’t fancy the word in the first place, tho’ accept it when used casually). Being a fan doesn’t mean hunting down every CM and appearance; I don’t even watch every single episode of their regular programs, RAW or subbed. Arashi’s files do occupy a bulk of my external HD though. While I can be enamored by a certain artist, it never becomes an infatuated obsession…

From another perspective, totally digressing, this is the perfect example of good opportunity doesn’t knock twice and against que sera sera (whatever will be, will be). Someone says “What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.” While that might resonate, I believe some chances need to be acted upon to be truly yours. The opportunity is there, if you’re not working towards it, someone else will. It’s not as if Mr. Nadegata would come and find you if you just sit still believing “if something is bound to happen, it will happen.” 

Well, next time maybe…? *when will ‘next time’ be huh?* = =



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