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Why Writing?

Writing (whilst/and thinking) surely is time-consuming and mentally straining and draining. Like any other activity, writing requires tenacity yet it’s one that’s decidedly gratifying once completely done. It is also a time-killer, stress-reliever, a means to keep my sanity in check and spur me to be entirely open and honest with my innermost thoughts and feelings, as well as a momentary escape from burdening reality. Most of the time it’s auxiliary, sometimes it becomes necessity…

I know I’ve touched upon the topic as to why I like writing in “reading brings knowledge, writing brings wisdom” post, but the above words kept popping into my mind for the past few weeks I decided just to type it down and put it to rest. So yeah. That’s about it.



I blog sometimes, gush ofttimes, snark all the time.

What do you think?

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