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Full-on screech

Just because you have never seen or heard of it doesn’t mean it isn’t true or a certain thing doesn’t exist.
Just because you cannot find it on the internet doesn’t mean such information is not valid.

Why do you have to sound as if you know everything about anything? Even if you’re an expert in so-and-so field doesn’t mean you know everything about it. We might have or gather as much information as we could get our hands on a particular issue yet we have to admit that there are so many things we don’t know about it, or this world.

Billions of people live breathe and work every second they could’ve come up with or invented something unprecedented that is yet to be published and made known to the whole wide world. Even then we might still miss such news because we’re so caught up in our own little bubble called job, life, business, interest, etc. Or simple because it doesn’t pertain to our realm, so who cares?

Thus, when this piece of information came to our attention, which we might not have seen or heard of before, or whose further details couldn’t be found on the internet as if it’s the most credible source of information out there, the most common reaction should be: “Really? Could you provide me more on that so I could verify the claim?” and not “Huh? It must be hoax.” It’s okay to be skeptical about new idea but to close all doors of possibility doesn’t help. People would usually call for proof before believing, though not jump to conclusion just because it isn’t publicly/widely known.

I personally think it’s foolish to think or believe that everything can be found on the internet, or that internet provides every possible answer we’re looking for. I’ve experienced how frustrating it is to scour the web, type in every possible keyword in languages I know, search search search for hours — even days — and few matching results. I realize not everybody’s privileged to get access to technology, post their creations online or be covered by (digital) media. Just like we gotta admit there are a lot of things we aren’t aware of, as many things remain undercover and undiscovered for a number of reasons. Also consider that media unearth issues they prefer to and hush the rest. Behind every move there likely is a ‘political’ intent.

I mean, how can people be so closed-minded? Why deem something improbable right away? What’s the point of discussing when you have that stubborn mindset which turns the situation into hostile heated debate? It’s going nowhere and I’m tired of arguing over things like this. We can find no common ground so I’ll drop my argument. I wished not waste more energy — yet I drained my mental chi typing this down. The irony~

The thing is, with such mindset we won’t move forward. If everyone keeps saying “oh that’s impossible, that won’t happen, there’s no such thing,” no development or progression will ever be created; there would be no advanced technologies we’re enjoying now; researchers and scientists would stop trying to find solutions to growing health-problems; we would all be stuck in self-sufficing stone-age altogether. It is because we strive to improve our lives and well-beings we constantly search for better ways, methods, tools, treatments, and innovations.

Why do we have to see in order to believe? Why do we need physical proof to make sense? Can we only be satisfied by material objects, immaterial elements be damned? Aren’t there ungrasped matters we trust like gut feeling, instinct, intuition, presage, … faith? (Case in point: nobody’s ever seen God, yet we worship Him, don’t we? I might just commit slippery slope age-old analogy here trying to get my point across.)

Lastly, I just wanna say that Ocident isn’t always the best. Just because it’s a common practice there doesn’t mean we have to blindly follow or copy ‘em. Just because that’s the way it’s done there doesn’t mean it can’t be done differently (or there isn’t a more effective approach/procedure to it). Common doesn’t equal normal. Stop generalizing! Stop stereotyping!



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