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Namida no Kotae

[I think I’ll jot my opinion of Kanjani8’s latest single Namida no kotae down before proceeding to watch Kazoku Game’s final episode, just in case I got overboard afterwards… hehe]

It’s a beautiful PV with bittersweet short story. A PV with concise storyline centered around childhood friends/memories… song aside, what’s not to love about this? To their defense, it’s a pretty good song; a slower (ballad) number befits the reminiscence mood/theme.

nnkpv-14h12m52s142 nnkpv-14h16m06s191

Plot: seven children gathers at a photo studio to get their group photo taken. Preparation takes a while so they demand ‘uncle’ (Maru’s dad?) to be faster. Besides, they don’t even know what the group photo is for, to which the uncle replies: so that they know they’re not alone. The response further bewilders them, but he wispily says: they’ll understand it someday… and tells them to get ready. The camera flashes and time jumps to present-day; the kids are grown-up men by now and they gather for another group photo. There’s a big chair placed in the middle, sat on by Okura.

nnkpv-14h18m48s130 nnkpv-14h18m55s203 nnkpv-14h22m17s172 nnkpv-14h22m29s43

On the way out, they notice an old article with a picture of their grade school and decide to make a brief visit. Easily jump over the school gate, they stroll into the premise as they flash back to the past. There, they play baseball, peek into a certain classroom, and excavate buried box time-capsule filled with toy and drawings. Broad grins and evocative beams etch their faces…

Have we all not done this? 😀
nnkpv-14h21m29s211 nnkpv-14h21m44s104

That before security personnel finally notice their presence on the CCTV and chase the trespassers out. Still, the boys are running for safety with everpresent smiles until Okura stops on his track, gets left behind by his six friends, and is overrun by the guards. The scenes keep flashing back and forth until the fact is revealed.

nnkpv-14h22m41s164 nnkpv-14h23m59s171

Since the beginning, Okura’s character seized attention. Why is he sitting down? Why isn’t he talking? Why is he just standing there and not playing? And why did he stop running and nobody seems to notice that, even the chasing guards? At first I speculated that he was disabled, but he could walk and run just fine, so I supposed he was sick that’s why he couldn’t run for long… I won’t spill the beans here, so go check it out yourself to answer your curiosity ;p. I don’t know about you, but I always unconsciously do a headcount whenever they flock together, idk why either, maybe just in case? Yet… I missed the important CCTV scenes which kinda gave the hints away. Oh, well…

The full PV is 8 minutes long. At first I was like, “What? Eight minutes? So long~” but then the story got me transfixed (and tearful) and then the PV has ended and I immediately hit the replay button. I like how present and past scenes are intertwined, effectively evoke fond memories. The transitions between the two are smooth and how music director and team are able to present the switch within one sweeping frame make it even better. The song itself is 5-minute long, and with prologue and epilogue, the duration isn’t really stretched out that much.

nnkpv-14h25m30s62 nnkpv-14h25m32s74

Namida no kotae is Kanjani8’s 24th single which was officially released a couple of weeks ago and has topped the Oricon chart. Besides the title track, the single consists of two B-side songs (Royal milk story and Bansou) and a 20-minute long 8th Anniversary single’s remix which can introduce you to more Kanjani8’s songs if you aren’t really that familiar with the group.

It is also used as the theme song for 100 Kai Naku Koto movie starred by Okura and Kiritani Mirei that hits the theaters starting today. From the trailer and synopsis provided, I don’t think it’ll be on my to-watch list because well, from the title alone it sounds like a tearjerker, and I’m not ready to ‘cry 100 times’ over that.

~stills captured from the video uploaded by HnB~



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