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D’ Stupid Baker

We had dinner at D’Cost Seafood at its Puri branch and noticed a single baked-goods display at the entrance bearing D’Stupid Baker name. The selection wasn’t many so we bought the 20-small-pieces-of-bread-in-a-box offer upon exiting the premise. I ate a choco-chip piece just now and scrutinized the box while munching.


This is how the box looks like — the top side. “***** Quality – Stupid Price” hmm doesn’t that sound familiar to D’Cost tagline of “Mutu bintang 5 Harga kaki 5” (quality of a five-star, price of a roadside vendor)?


No wonder, it’s a subsidiary company of D’Cost Group. That information is printed at the right side of the front box. From there I slid the box to the other side and another info located at the bottom-left corner stopped my sweeping eyes.


Bwahahahaha~ That cracked me up. To no end. *trying to calm self down*

Seriously, anybody else found its limited company’s name funny? If you understand the meaning of ‘bocuan’, that is. Well, “Bocuan Gapapa” is loosely translated as “It’s okay even if it’s unprofitable.” *eyebrows raised*

Disclaimer: this may not be news to you as D’Stupid Baker has started baking since October 2012 (according to its website). It is to me though because we haven’t frequented its restaurant for many many months, probably more than a year(?) due to a number of reasons. Enough with the laughter, the quirky name does raise some eyebrows — is it not a business but non-profit venture or is it just a gimmick/just for fun? Regardless, that is one damn memorable identification. Hats off to whoever came up with that name.

Another news to me: D’Cost Group has branched out into Japanese cuisine territory, naming its outlet D’Sushi Bodo. Tagline? “***** Quality, Bodo Price” hmm, interesting. Company’s name? PT. Kosong Melompong. lmao! Gonna scour the web for reviews. Have you been there? Is the food good?



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