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Theme change: yay or nay?

Something totally random…

Although liking streamlined layout, I don’t really like the overall appearance to be something that’s too plain-looking and ‘boring’ like black, white, or gray. Blog-wise, I tend to pick pastel colors for my site’s theme — not too glaring and is pretty to look at.

In case you haven’t noticed, the theme I’m currently using is crafty and I’m liking it so far. HOWEVER, another theme comes to my attention. It is equally soft in color with fancier font. I tried previewing it many times and I’m loving the visual, though the font may be harder to read due to smaller size and packed style.

Now, this may comes off as childlike, but I can’t really decide which theme to use at the moment. (o.O) I don’t want to go back and forth between the two either… (- -“) So, this is the ‘solution’ I came up with: I’ll activate pachyderm for a week or so and see how it looks, then (hopefully able to) decide which one I like better.

If you read my posts often enough and notice the change, don’t be alarmed (lol). If anything, you are welcome to chip in a cent or two on this =)

theme-pd theme-c
different but alike, alike but different…



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