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Taste of Home

This time of the year has come around again.

The brief period where I could devour this scrumptious homemade seasonal item called bacang konghu (Cantonese sticky rice dumpling). I assume you all know of the regular bacang in tetrahedron shape, but this one looks more like a rectangular pyramid hip roof. There may be a lot of these items – with motley fillings – readily available in the market, but I always prefer the one’s made by my paternal family member. The fillings are as follows, although not limited to: meat, mushroom, lap chong (Chinese sausage), ebi (baby shrimps), egg yolk, and several types of legumes. Yum! I don’t know about others but we have our own way of eating it: dip it into raw, unrefined sugar. Heaven~

DSC_0946 DSC_0945

It is one of many recipes passed down from generation to generation. Taste aside, I always look forward to this traditional dish which requires hours and hours of preparation and cooking process because it screams homey and brings me closer to my root. If I may, it is also one of Amah’s legacies and delicacies. I’m grateful I could still taste her cooking (in it) to date; alas, it unfailingly reminds me of her final moments because it was debatably the cause of her fall. I couldn’t help but getting teary upon eating this dish for the first time every year…

Yup, one is NEVER enough!

Do you have similar sort of comfort food you’re always craving for?

DSC_0017 - resz'd

t/n: amah = grandma from father’s side



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