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TVI: Live Show week 4

I thought once TVI shrinks to Top 12, three per team, it’ll be every contestant for him/herself. But no, this week we still bid 4 contestants farewell – or ‘see-you-later’? Also, Vina Panduwinata who sat in for Sherina last night was sagely chipping in inputs viewed from a different angle/perspective. The comments from the four coaches have been pretty much the same (one unanimous remark paraphrased into four) and full of flattery that Mama Ina’s presence injected in much-needed refreshment at this stage of the show/competition.

The Performances

Whenever a TVI’s contestant takes on a western song, more than likely it’d be a classic from a so-called legend. For the past few weeks we’ve got Queen’s, Celine Dion’s, and The Killers’, but nothing beats this week’s ‘worldliness’ as five contestants tackled on The Beatles’, MJ’s, Whitney’s, U2’s and Bon Jovi’s hits. It’s hard to present legendary songs with new arrangements, thus each of those hit-songs was reprised with minimal tweaks. Santi, Abdi, and Billy managed to keep their singing styles intact while Luise and Alf sounded eerily similar to the originals.

If last week Saptoto brought Piyu onstage, this week he brought his band-mates as he rocked up Bukan permainan – which was sung quite monotonously. He wasn’t the only one collaborating this week; Ferdinand performed behind a piano this time accompanied by a mesmerizing saxophonist. Mash-up should be done this way; the intersection was so smooth it didn’t sound like two different songs at all. This is a much better hybrid than Vidi Aldiano’s Pupus/Kasih tak sampai. I bet Rizky passed down the secret of her swagger-ness to Agseisa because she’s totally into it – she worked the stage and delivered a kicking performance (finally!). Bete was hands down her best performance thus far.

Then… we have Tiara who’s been consistently dynamic and efficacious; Leona and Pritta who’ve been constantly singing with full power and flashing their high register whenever possible – if I may, I prefer Santi’s laid-back-ness anytime, lack of splendor thereof; and Monika whose ‘skewed’ singing style resembles Monita Idol’s – alas, her pitch was messy again.

That said, it’s clear to see that the weakest two of the night were Monika and Alf. It was a tougher call for Team Sherina and Giring as their members’ performances were all good. However, if Santi ends up in bottom two again, I guess Sherina will finally let her go. For Team Giring, however, I really can’t decide.

The Results

Team Glenn:
1) Saptoto <Bukan permainan – Gita Gutawa>
2) Tiara <Puteri panggung – Uut Permatasari>
3) Monika <Cinta satu malam – Melinda>
(The moment Saptoto’s saved by the votes, everyone could sense that Monika’s doomed. There’s no way Glenn would pick her instead of Tiara.)

Team Sherina:
1) Santi <Come together – The Beatles>
2) Agseisa <Bete – Dewiq ft Ipank>
3) Pritta <Firework – Katy Perry>
(Predictably, Pritta amassed the most votes again. So, the choice was between Santi whom I started to re-like and Agseisa whose performance finally got me. Sherina’s still the one making the final call so I expected TVI to broadcast her voice, but no, she phoned Mama Ina privately, and the latter dropped the axe. The smiley girl unexpectedly broke down. Aww. Tears can be faked but emotions don’t lie. When you’ve told yourself not to cry, tried to smile and appeared strong only to have tears betray that façade… that’s heartbreakingly genuine.)

Team Giring:
1) Abdi <Man in the mirror – Michael Jackson>
2) Luise <I will always love you – Whitney Houston>
3) Billy <Beautiful day – U2>
(Billy was voted through. This was uber-difficult. Luise has shown tremendous improvement, confidence- and singing-wise, from pre-LiveShow stages I grew to like her. On the other end, Abdi has been consistently good. Coach Giring said that his decision was based on who performed better that night.)

Team Armand:
1) Leona <Kini – Rossa>
2) Ferdinand <Merindukanmu – d’Masiv, Sudah – Nidji>
3) Alf <Always – Bon Jovi>
(With Leona topping the group’s votes, Ferdinand and Alf were in bottom two. Coach Armand on the other hand decided who to send home based on whom he (fore)sees has better chance to survive outside TVI. Oh no, he has a soft spot for Alf and has saved him a couple times before; don’t tell me he’s sending Ferdinand home …)

*) Italic names proceeded to the next round.


Back to the opening assumption, turns out the contestants will stay inside the cage of team so-and-so and compete against own team-mates for much longer than what I’d expected. Next week four more will go and we’ll get to the final four. Is it supposed to be done this way? Eliminating so many contestants every week? I thought last year’s X-Factor USA’s already dwindling down speedily, cutting two acts per week. Perhaps…the rating isn’t really good? I read that Indonesia Mencari Bakat 3 became a rating slave – the viewership was so high they eliminated one contestant every three weeks. No wonder it took them forever to finish the show – it’s still ongoing now, right, the all-star or whatever they call it. Sorry, I never follow the program though I’ve noticed that it was going on and on and on.

Backtracking, I want more and more people to watch TVI without turning it into another rating slave (enough with never-ending soap operas), but I don’t want it to have poor rating either. Nevertheless, they can’t undo what they’ve announced right? That means TVI will end a lot sooner than my calculation. So… several more weeks of Live Show at max? Next Sunday will be the toughest of the toughest weeks, I bet, but let’s get through it!



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