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TVI: Live Show week 3

Yes, all Top 16 contestants performed live last night and this episode ran for 4 hours. I was pretty tired for the past few days and am still in the middle of typing up my report on Popcorn DVD yet I still set aside time to catch it live on TV like I’ve been doing since TVI’s premiere. The above mentioned excuses might factor into why my eyes and ears found this week’s Live Show draggy. It’s only half hour lengthier than last week’s airtime, yet I was yawning halfway through and had difficulty keeping my interest and focus in check.

In this weary state, I almost succumb to the argument that singing competition like this is no more than a glorified karaoke-fest. It did sound harsh to me at first, but seeing how performances keep falling short, that phrase starts to nag my brain. Live Show week 3 palled and was largely unappealing – almost nothing can keep me invested even with fresh arrangements and orchestra accompaniment. Sixteen performances in an episode is overkill and the long duration only makes it worse. I was hoping that they’d each sing an abridge version to maintain bearable airtime; alas, TVI opted to extend the duration instead.

Two weeks ago I tsk-tsk at audience leaving in the middle of result announcement; last week, I applauded them for staying behind and being respectful toward the show and contestants; this week, I won’t even bring it up had they not staying put because I too almost gave up. Yeah, I always hate it when live shows run on and on and on for hours as if they’re thoroughly sure that audience won’t mind. Well, I do. And TVI, if you keep stretching out your airtime and going well past midnight like this episode, I’m dropping your live telecast, either halfway or altogether. As if you aren’t aware of it yet, TVI, you’re broadcasting on Sunday and regardless of the day you’re on, how high your rating is or how great the performances are, I need my sleep.

The Performances

Monika, Pritta, Santi, and Luise sang a mellow, dramatic rendition of their song choices. The last two did great, but the first two didn’t. Monika’s pitch was all over the place and in Pritta’s hand, the simple, heartfelt Cinta pertama dan terakhir was overly dramatized with those big high notes and superfluous runs/beltings. She just bragged her powerful voice, compromising the lyrics in the process.

Well, she’s not the only one guilty of it. She and Leona seem to battle it out on who’s better at hitting the highest notes. Leona’s sung Bahasa Kalbu, then To love you more, and with this week’s Listen, she sure aims for big songs every time. She can hit those high notes for sure, no problem there, but it’s so straining and painful to watch – poor vocal cord. Overdoing/oversinging is never a good thing in my book. Tiara almost followed the other two’s footsteps, fortunately her singing style is more elegant and classy.

Queen of swagger in TVI definitely goes to Rizky – her stage act is polished and confidence level is overflowing. That might be her onstage persona as she’s a completely different person in normal mode, but beware: such attitude can come across as pompous. I like Avril’s voice and songs so much I couldn’t enjoy Agseisa’s rendition of I’m with you. As for Dita and Ayu, theirs were okay I guess?

Let’s see how the guys doing. Abdi proved that great pasttime songs never die as he sang the grandiose Symphony yang indah. Billy predictably took after Momo’s version of Cobalah mengerti. Gilbert did pretty well in the first half before getting pitchy on the latter half. Alf’s was okay, and Ferdinand again went acoustic at first before other instrument kicked in and upped the tempo. But it was Saptoto who got the special treatment as Piyu strung his guitar during Mahadewi. Padi may have slipped into indefinite hiatus, but how is it fair to have him playback Saptoto when the rest didn’t receive similar treatment?

The Results

Team Sherina:
1) Pritta <Cinta pertama dan terakhir – Sherina>
2) Rizky <Tua-tua keladi – Anggun>
3) Santi <Wonder woman – Mulan Jameela>
4) Agseisa <I’m with you – Avril Lavigne>

Team Glenn:
1) Monika <Serba salah – Raisa>
2) Gilbert <Itu aku – Sheila on 7>
3) Tiara <Cinta takkan usai – Ratu>
4) Saptoto ft Piyu <Mahadewi – Padi>

Team Armand:
1) Dita <Walk – Foo Fighters>
2) Leona <Listen – Beyonce>
3) Alf  <Don’t stop believing – Journey>
4) Ferdinand <Mr. Brightside – The Killers>

Team Giring:
1) Abdi <Symphony yang indah>
2) Billy <Cobalah mengerti – Peterpan>
3) Ayu <Matahariku – Agnes Monika>
4) Luise <Jadi milikmu (crazy) – Anggun>

*) Italic names proceeded to the next round.

At this stage, the results weren’t jaw-dropping or upsetting anymore, probably because no one stood out? If the order means anything, it’s worth noting that this week Team Giring both opened and closed the show. Under ideal circumstances, when the lines are open only after everybody has sung and (impartial) viewers then choose who to vote for based on (supposedly) the performances, coming out last is advantageous because that person leaves the last impression, which could garner him/her more votes as a result. Here, however, performing last didn’t provide much advantage because voters get to send in sms since the beginning of the live telecast. Now who can argue that this is NOT a popularity contest?



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