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TVI: Live Show week 2

The second group of twelve from top 24 contestants got their turns to perform live. This time it is more than just a battle of good voices per se as they incorporated more of other elements into the performances. As a result, we get to see different sides of most of the hopefuls as well as more of their unique traits and capabilities.

I’ve hinted that from this commentary onward I won’t be recapping and commenting on the performances one by one; rather I’d do more of a general review of them as a whole. So, here’s this week’s offering, in order of appearance:

1)    Eik Montecarlo <Zakia – Ahmad Albar>
2)    Luise <Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia>
3)    Ferdinand <Love of my life – Queen>
4)    Rebecca <Moving on – Andien>
5)    Saptoto <Yang terlupakan – Iwan Fals>
6)    Lilian <Nakal – Gigi>
7)    Roni <Could it be love – Raisa>
8)    Pritta <Surrender – Celine Dion>
9)    Leona <To love you more – Celine Dion>
10)  Rizky <Rehab – Amy Winehouse>
11)  Monika <Kasih putih – Glenn Fredly>
12)  Abdi <Bohemian rhapsody – Queen>

The performances were all good. It’s rather unexpected, I must say, since I thought last week’s group would steal all lights. However, with the hyped ones part of last week’s lineup, this week’s spread is actually more balanced. Still, besides performing and hopefully a memorable one, the aim is to make it to the next Live Show.

What matters then is whether they deliver a riveting performance, and if they’re on par, whether theirs lingers in viewers’ mind, leaves a sweet aftertaste, and thus puts them a step ahead than their peers. At this early Live Show stage, they are yet to compete against everybody else; it is thus easier to compare how they fared against their own team-mates.

The Results

1)    Team Glenn: Eik, Saptoto, Monika
(It’s too close to call whose performance stood out more, but watching the recap, Eik’s was the grooviest and grandest. Saptoto’s the most distinguishable seeing from the outfits alone, while Monika has clear, soft, soothing voice that buoys the listeners. Three of them sang songs from three different genres. The top vote-getter was blangkon, and coach Glenn brought the meek girl forward.)

2)    Team Giring: Luise, Lilian, Abdi
(It is easy to tell that Abdi’s the frontrunner of the group – he performed last, his was the only booming one of all twelve, and that was arguably the best of the night. He took on a Queen’s classic, singing atop the grand arrangement, and was able to carry it through. Would he rake in the most votes? Nope. The trophy went to the girl with the gimmick. Her delivery on the first half of the song was pretty darn good that could justify Giring’s decision to bring her here, until that much-discussed maneuver. She should’ve stayed behind the standmike and maintained that poised composure, because the ‘climax’ shook her voice and it was just a bunch of belting afterwards. Lilian’s pretty good too, incorporating beat box’s scratch and rap part. He could’ve gone to the fifth gear, but something stalled him at the fourth – he seemed to be thinking about his next move.)

3)    Team Sherina: Rebecca, Pritta, Rizky
(Well, this time Rebecca’s losing it to her two seniors. Her Moving on rendition wasn’t bad despite being too close to the original and Andien’s way of singing. It became the inferior or mediocre one, however, because Pritta’s Surrender was a classic big song and was sung powerfully, and Rizky’s Rehab was full of swagger and conforming attitude. As Pritta’s saved by the votes, Team Sherina had to let go of its petite sunny girl.)

4)    Team Armand: Ferdinand, Roni, Leona
(Ferdinand, a guitar, and a mike were enough of an attention-grabber as he crooned Love of my life a capella. It was a humble yet beautiful performance. He has a unique timbre (so does Abdi and Rizky) and singing seems like a second nature to him. Roni also inserted rap lines into Could it be love, and was able to present a dynamic and enjoyable version off of the humdrum pilot track. Leona… also took on a Celine Dion’s classic and performed it right after Pritta. Overkill imho. Hers was old-fashioned and then she slipped in keroncong for the bridge, which didn’t match well with the main song. It was good on its own, and actually added breathe of fresh air, but together they sounded incongruent and forced. What a fail mashup. I have no doubt that Armand would keep her nonetheless, and I was right.)

*) Italic names proceeded to the next round.


Week 2 still lasted for 3.5 hours, though weighing from the speed it’s going I thought it could’ve ended in 3 hours. The show was much smoother and the hosts much more in sync – are we gonna see different female co-host every week? The flow was really nice and the performances were generally enjoyable and entertaining 3.5 hours passed by just like that.

The setup of the Live Show is presented in such a way that it doesn’t seem or look like a competition. It is well-prepared and pleasing to the eyes as it takes care of details – the props, back-up dancers, costumes, lighting, etc. The feeling I get is thus more like watching a music program where wannabes get the chance to perform on a big stage and create their own shining moments. Everyone then gets a square chance to receive succinct comments from maestros and we move on to the next performer. Competition really takes a back seat that even when the supposedly nerve-wrecking results are announced, the tension isn’t really there.

Nothing too overdramatic is always welcomed, but lack of emotion whatsoever makes the result reading kinda ineffectual. The coaches were much less conflicted and much more readily make the critical decision. No dillydallying this time. Maybe they’ve prepared the table of bottom-two pairing probabilities thus the straight faces shown. Or perhaps it was easier and more straightforward. Regardless, the eliminated ones – as always – took the blow graciously and left the stage with the widest smile that’s bigger than that of the advancing ones. If last week Fredy’s parting lines got me, this time it’s Roni’s: “There will be time for us to shine. This probably isn’t my time yet.”

With that TVI’s top 24 shrinks to 16. For those of you who think 12 per episode is a lot to handle already, next Sunday all 16 of them will perform before us(?). Wonder how long it’ll take…



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