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TVI: The (last) Battle week 5

How weird is that I’d always thought that there’d be two more battle weeks and turned out this episode was the last? Either I’ve miscalculated it (which is doubtful) or I’ve simply remembered it wrongly (which is much more likely). Either way’s fine since interest fizzled out last week and this means we’ll get (to) the Live Show next week(?)(!) Ooh, that’s gotta be interesting.

1)    Team Giring: Lilian VS Syam VS Thomas <One Love – Bob Marley>
(Called Trio Ambisi. Energy pumped high to the ceiling. It was a fun, entertaining performance but for a singing competition it lacked decent solo parts to flaunt quality. Their voices overlapped most of the time it was hard to gauge the vocals and Lilian’s constant high-pitched hollering was a bit turnoff. It was nonetheless a great show I would’ve totally enjoyed if they’re here for the sake of performing and not ‘competing’ vocally.)/

2)    Team Armand: Arro VS Sherly <Melayang – January Christy>
(Good voices but the jazzy duet fell flat and was boring. They seemed too focused on getting all the notes sung properly in compromise of other elements to make the song dynamic.)

3)    Team Sherina: Yusri VS Dilla <C.I.N.T.A – D’Bagindas>
(“Lagunya naik kelas dan punya rasa yg berbeda,” Glenn admitted and I agreed wholeheartedly. They span the song into a different territory, fused new flavor and twang, and voila came a great, thoroughly pleasant rendition of C.I.N.T.A that felt new and fresh and was full of mirroring gestures and coquettish glances. And it was ended cutely. Hehe.)

4)    Team Glenn: Tiara VS Yunita <Bimbi – Titiek Puspa>
(Co-coach Ello was sad they’re paired up together but Glenn defended his decision, explaining that they’re set to be the epitome of singers – that singing is supposed to be done like this. Bimbi wasn’t a mellow, heart-tugging song, neither is it a boom-blast number, but the duette was so good they gave me chills through and through.)

*) Italic names proceeded to the next round.

The last four rounds have taken the ring and that marked the end of The Battle stage. This was the shortest battle week, but we’re not into the live show yet because TVI slipped in an intermediate stage called “Sing-off” to pinpoint the seventh and unluckiest member of each team whose joy of winning the battle round was cut short and then sent home.

Wait a sec. On-ring battle isn’t the decisive factor for the better hopeful to advance? All effort put into rehearsals and final performance on-stage is possibly bootless? And to think that everything happened on the same day is… what a long, hectic day. Whoa, TVI is surely full of surprises and unexpected twists, but this one is uncalled-for.

As it turned out, only 24 spots are granted at the live show. Two ranked the lowest by respective coach entered the sing-off round singing the song they’d sung at blind audition. Can the selected song spark the magic twice is the burning question. Some showed significant improvement; most stayed the same.

Team Armand: Alf VS Rendra
Team Sherina: Rebecca VS Yusri
Team Giring: Grevi VS Ayu Nanda
Team Glenn: Stevie VS Saptoto

It was way easier to tell who’s going to make it through. Sherina probably made the most difficult decision because her weakest two’s blind audition performances were good. That’s why I think making them re-deliver blind audition songs wasn’t the wisest move. We’ve seen how many of them wowed the coaches then but foundered on ring. Now that we’re on level two, it’s unfair to judge them based on level one’s performance, though rehashed. That being said, it wasn’t much of a loss because those that are eventually let go – except Yusri – weren’t that good to begin with.

The number of contestants presented on next week’s episode or other further details was undisclosed but viewers can finally cast their votes, keep flames of hope alive, and put out four. Look forward to next week!

Check out the above-mentioned performances at TVI’s official youtube channel.



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