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TVI: The Battle week 4

An arguably weak week compared to the previous three. This episode’s on-ring executions lacked luster. On a bright note, however, this means I don’t have to pull an all-nighter and put this up in the wee hour. Let’s get it done and over with.

1)    Team Glenn: Belia VS Gilbert <Cinta dan sayang – Matthew Sayersz>
(I always feel it’s easier to root for the girl in male-female combo because girl’s higher pitch range naturally stands out and is more perceptible during harmonization. Even more so when the tone is clear and easy on the ears like Belia’s. She started on a relatively high key but was able to reach the high notes well and still managed to hit them at second half of the song, though rather clamberingly. The trophy, however, went to Gilbert.)

2)    Team Armand: Tofan VS Alf <Ku ingin – Gigi>
(An okay, rather flat performance in my opinion. I personally disliked Alf’s presentation during the Blind Audition and thought Tofan’s vocal rendition was more decent, but well…)

3)    Team Sherina: Yolanda VS Santi <Love fool – The Cardigans>
(Santi was a little too relaxed here while Yolanda took the bigger slice of a pie with her vocal flex, playful tone inflection and coquettish delivery. A neat division and clean execution, but it got no climax.)

4)    Team Giring: Ayu Nanda VS Rinrin <Kapan lagi bilang I love you – Dewi Sandra>
(Chills. Heartfelt. So sad it’s beautiful. Their singing gave me chills throughout the song, both of them. That is always a good sign. The song has such depth that staying in-pitch isn’t enough to pull it off. Not only did Nanda and Rinrin slip into the song’s content emotionally but they simultaneously hit on the viewers’ right spot by getting the message across. Their synergy culminated the song into a satisfying end. It probably helps that Nanda has a melancholy face – and her ad-lib at the final chorus was heartrending.)

5)    Team Armand: Nurendra VS Dony <Pandangan pertama – RAN>
(Their blind audition performances were diametrical: Dony’s was quite a gem while Rendra’s was pitchy all-over. But it doesn’t translate to how they fare on-ring. Rendra was still shaky especially on fast, sharp-twisting notes; Dony had difficulty placing his voice on the right note during the chorus. As a result? The chorus was a complete mess. We can see the panel grimaced that even Glenn closed his eyes in attempt to discern the harmony. Rendra’s part was more stable thanks to him taking on the main key. If they couldn’t find a decent harmonization, just drop it altogether and take turn instead. Why took the risk and ruined everything? Too bad for Dony, really.)

6)    Team Sherina: Agseisa VS Sasongko <Bento – Iwan Fals>
(Aseeeeeeeekkk~Crazy, crazily good! A performance to remember, this duet of straightforward lady rocker and frivolous tenor performer. Sasongko seemed to hold himself back during rehearsals it concerned Sherina. But, even if he saved up everything for the ring’s show, it was all worth it. Agseisa started on a key that seemed too low for her, but it might be a trick to mount the tension later on. Indeed, they delivered an explosive performance nobody would believe that Sasongko’s belting was offhanded. (Was it?) Maybe it’s his tenor voice, or his swagger or confidence, or his showmanship; regardless, he brought down the house with his energy.)

*) Italic names proceeded to the next round.

There’s really not much to say about this episode. From the preview of tonight’s show leaked on last week’s end credit, I could tell that the highlight would be Agseisa-Sasongko duet with few other noteworthy performances. That gut feeling was right – and TVI kept the best for the last and (finally) ended an episode on a high note. Either that or interest begins to tank. Because it is the same thing every time with little variation. Let’s get to the live shows soon.

As for the last round, it was a solid performance. Both were stellar in their own ways, but you can feel where you’re leaning to and who grabbed your attention more. It wasn’t an exaggeration that Sasongko brought the house down. The panel gushed over him. He definitely can sing, and is naturally entertaining. But again, only one gets to be jolly and the axe is in their coach’s hand, and her pick was… Ack, Sherina… Sadface.

Go ahead and check out the above-mentioned performances at TVI’s official youtube channel.



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