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Poké Sushi: plus and minuses

Great taste, mid-to-high price, slow service, unsmiling staff.

Is it seriously that hard to smile at and sincerely thank the customers, especially when they’re footing the bill? Or even after? Sigh. It’s probably time for me to finally accept the rarity of being on the receiving end of pleasant attitude from service personnel. Here in town. I should stop expecting one and focus more – and thereafter entirely – on the products instead.

Been to Poké at Ruko Dharmawangsa Square twice and ordered some of its quite extensive menu – several rolls, sukiyaki, ahi poke rice bowl, beef teriyaki(?), and fried seafood udon. Frankly, they all tasted pretty darn good. But~! Raw bed of tuna on our rice bowl yesterday wasn’t as fresh, munchy, and springy as the one we’d got the first time around. The fried udon came out looking more like tomato-based pasta (than what we’d had in mind) with that sticky orangish-red sauce. And tasted like one. To round up, we all disagreed with – and have told them so twice now – Poké’s concept of serving sukiyaki on a big round flat plate without a prop to keep it heated. This way, the non-simmering dish ain’t tantalizing and got cold in no time; plus, it’s hard to scoop the soup. Call it Poké’s style or whatever, we want our sukiyaki (at least) in a pot!

DSC00660 DSC00662 - sukiyaki

It was jampacked at lunch-time yesterday and the confining space in between tables made me feel like we’re in a family restaurant or even a fast-food chain. We had to ask for refills in lieu of wait staff making their rounds. They also struggled to make their way through the aisle to do their job effectively. Above all, food delivery time is a bummer. The exact same rice bowl that had been served earliest on our prior visit came out second-to-last this time. The companying miso soup, however, came out first with the drinks. No two orders were out at the same time so most of our time there was spent watching the other savor their food while waiting for dunno-whose-dish to be delivered next.

DSC00661 DSC00663 - rainbow roll

Besides, pricing is on rooftop high given the outlet’s size, appearance, décor, and overall ambiance. I’m still referring to its Dharmawangsa outlet. Poké’s eat-all-you-can is tagged at above 200K++ (price differs between weekdays and weekends), a relatively higher footing while similar establishments’ are around 110K++ (eat-all offerings usually cost around 125K++). A la carte main menu goes from 50K to well above 100K but mostly is on 65-95K range. So are its fusion sushi selections. Ocha is at 14.9K++. I still cannot buy how a mug of tea warrants such price (more commonly tagged at 8-12K). Good thing is it extends many credit-card discount deals – food only – to choose from, which double-daggersly, arguably, sourced the price hike-up.

Quality comes with a price. Or more widely accepted is the notion that ‘upscale’ experience and atmosphere demand extra bucks. Poké’s just isn’t justifiable, nevertheless, due to the above mentioned reasons. We may still make a return trip for its delectable food, yet we also have other picks with comparable taste and quality as well as better service, at more reasonable price.



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